How Times Have Changed

How Times Have Changed

So in my eternal geekdom, I was utterly delighted to discover that Amazon has the entire 3 seasons of Star Trek TOS (the original series, for you non Trekkies out there) available for free on Prime instant videos.  I’ve spent the past week delving into the first season, watching an episode here & there when I’ve got the spare time. It’s been years since I’ve watched this show, though I still remember pretty much every episode I’ve seen so far.  LOL

I’d forgotten how good the stories generally are. I’d also forgotten just how rampantly sexist the show was! Good grief, I don’t want to see Kirk fighting/shirtless/in a ripped shirt one more time nor do I want to see another woman filmed with soft focus, FFS. Every woman so far has been limited to serving Kirk meals/coffee/kisses/love-struck limpid gazes – if not that, then she is simply screaming, singing, crying, giggling, teasing or speaking in a sexual “come hither” tone. Every single “intelligent scientist” of a woman so far has succumbed to her softer female side & the stronger man – the historian, Lt. McGivers to Khan; the psychiatrist, Dr. Dehner to Mitchell the wannabe god, the botanist, Leila Kalomi to her feelings for Spock.

How I cheered when we had glimpses of Number One in pants during The Menagerie (the 2 part episode where clips of the unseen pilot episode were used)! Now THAT was a character that I would have loved to have seen in every episode.  :)

It takes going back & watching these old shows to fully appreciate just how much things have changed. Sure, there is still so much to be done yet in terms of equality for all, but we really have made some good strides towards the goal.


Well, I was on the path to building back up again, but I’ve been a bit distracted & derailed of late. I haven’t really been running like I’d planned the past 2 weeks.  :)  I intend to change that, though!  LOL


I have been knitting, though! I found this gorgeous pattern, I Heart Aran, and I just had to knit it! It’s my celebration sweater, celebrating a couple major new changes in my life.  :) I’m on the sleeves now & hope to finish them today. I’d like to be working on the collar by this evening, but we shall see.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

LOL, what else would I search for today?  ;)  I know I’ve featured some of these patterns before, but some are just too fantastic not to point out multiple times!  As always, these aren’t mine, click the photo to go right to the Ravelry pattern page.


* Spock's Vulcan lyre - pretty cool double knit pattern! :)


* How about making up your very own Enterprise? :)


* You could do so much with this pattern, a scarf, cowl, wall hanging... :) Someone even turned it into a poncho!


* Become a Vulcan for a day! :D


* Yes, this hat is actually from the 2009 Star Trek movie, but it's just too awesome not to include! :D Besides, I adore Scotty.

* Includes 3 charts for command, science & engineering/services! Very cool. You could actually use the charts for crochet/knitting/cross stitch, I should think. :)


* A definite repeat, but they are awesome! :D


Tunisian crochet! Sweet.


* Spock mittens!! AWESOME.

* Free pattern

Live long & prosper.  ;)


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  1. suse-the-slow-knitta says:

    these are awesome patterns!!!
    TOS is still worth watching though, it had some good plotlines about racism.


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