Vacation, How I Love Thee!

So the weather & my work schedule has kind of killed my running this week, plus I did give myself some recovery time after Sunday’s halfathon.  :)  I did get out on Friday for a short, slow 2 mile run before going to work at least.

My brand spanking new Garmin Forerunner 305 arrived Thursday night.  I am over the moon to have my Garmin back again!  :D  I went with the older model, but it was up on a deal of the day on eBay – only $98!  How could I resist?  It turned out to be perfect timing because look what happened to my HRM strap during the Holiday Halfathon:

I wondered why my HR stopped on my HRM around mile 4 or 5.  When I got home & was heading for the shower, I peeled off the strap only to discover it had bitten the dust.  he he he

Vacation, How I Love Thee!
After a murderous run of back to back projects at work, I am vastly relieved that my vacation is finally here.  I had 5 days of vacation time that I wasn’t able to use all year left, so I had to roll them over to next year.  Since I already had a clear schedule for the last 2 weeks of the year, I just tacked the 5 days onto the end of my vacation, so I’m off work for 3 whole weeks.  I need it, too.  :)

I’m slated to knit loads, read a ton, hang out with friends and head to Universal for Harry Potter again.  :)  Hopefully the lines won’t be quite as bad as they were when it first opened.  LOL

So I’ve not been reading too much up until now.  Just about done reading one classic and I’ve just started another book that has much promise for this geek…

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
    Yes, it’s true.  I hadn’t read this story before now.  I’m not sure why because I do enjoy Oscar Wilde’s stories.  At any rate, it is a little slow starting off, but quickly gets you hooked.  I’m nearly done reading this one and I’ve really enjoyed it.  The idea that one can commit all sorts of sins because their portrait suffers from them rather than you is interesting.  What I found more interesting is how much Dorian allows Lord Henry to sway him in everything he does.  If he hadn’t met the man, how differently his life might have been!  This is a story in which I wish Wilde hadn’t toned down the homosexual tones – they seem vital to the storyline & as it is written, they are merely hinted at.  If you approach the story with the thinking that Dorian & Lord Henry have a romantic relationship, you can better see how the older man can influence Dorian as much as he does.
  • WebMage by Kelly McCullough
    A novel that promises to be delightfully geeky, mixing classic Greek mythology with modern day programming hackers – how much better can it get for me?!  Rivern is the great-too-many-times-to-count grandson of Lachesis (the Fate that measures everyone’s life thread) and the story is about how he must try to stop his Great Aunt Atropos from removing free will from all the humans.  FUN!
  • Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep
    Ok, I was reading this one a long time ago & had set it aside.  I had read Estep’s other book, ‘Karma Girl‘ and really enjoyed it & so I’d hoped this one would be as enjoyable a read.  It’s got funny moments, definitely.  I picked it back up & I’m enjoying it as a really light read – it’s a good choice for when you just want something really lighthearted.  Beach reading.  ;)

Still working on the mittens for both the manlets’ Smitten garlands.  I sneak one in whenever I can.  LOL  I’m also working on the GF’s Harry Potter scarf when I can.  I was supposed to be working on an afghan as well, but with these projects, I just haven’t been able to.  I’m not sure if I’ll work on it or just give up & buy something instead.  I’m seriously considering a Soda Stream – anyone know anything about them?

Today’s Ravelry Search
What fun can I find today?  Let’s see!  None of these are mine, but if you click the picture, you’ll go right to the Ravelry pattern page…  :)

Seriously adorable Santa.

* 1-2-3... AWWWWWW!

Because Santa's dog has to get cold up there in the North Pole, right? :)

* knock-knock-knock PENNY...

* So cute! You could use them for ornaments or even gift tags.

Very cute hat!

Ded. Ded from teh cute. It's sold as a kit, but SO awesome!

Santa's elf! He's adorable.

Free when you buy another pattern from the Mochimochi shop - SO tiny & cute!

Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me... I've got that song stuck in my head now! LOL

Awesome style Santa from Phoeny - she makes some wonderful toys!

* Seriously, if this one doesn't put a smile on your face, yer heart is teenier than the Grinch's. he he he

One last adorable Santa... :)

* Free Pattern

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. AmyP says:

    Everyone loves an amigurumi Santa.

    Enjoy your holiday time – you deserve it.


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* I know that I do! ;) I’m definitely happy to have the vacation time, I can use it after this past year, that’s for sure.


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