Halfathon Challenge, 25% Done!

Halfathon Challenge, 25% Done
Thursday night I was working late, huge project underway.  I’ve been fighting off a cold for weeks, feeling a bit under the weather, but just not sick, if you know what I mean?  I woke up Thursday feeling a bit more like the threatening cold was no longer threatening, but not too terrible.  Around the time I decided to go get the free flu shot from work, my chest tightened up & the coughing began.  Sure enough, by 7pm, I was utterly miserable.  I thought for sure I was done for in terms of being able to run the Halloween Halfathon on Sunday.  :(

By Saturday, I was feeling better, but still pretty blah.  Once I found out that there was no time limit to the race, I had decided that I would go for it unless I felt truly awful when my alarm went off at 5:30AM.  Happily, I felt up for it Sunday morning, so off I went.  I had decided to run 3 miles, walk 1 – repeat as needed until I crossed the finish line.  That lasted through the first 4 miles – that 1 mile of walking took forever!  I didn’t care how slowly I shuffled along, I knew I wasn’t going to walk that much.  I ended up with a terrible finishing time, but I didn’t care – I finished & that was all I wanted to do.  :)

So now I have less than 6 weeks to train up for the Holiday Halfathon – my next one in the Florida Halfathon Challenge!  I’m looking forward to it because I just know that I can get a PR.  ;)

I’ve been knitting on a holiday gift here & there, as well as a ruffled shawl.  Just simple projects that haven’t been too much of a challenge.  The mojo still isn’t what it was, so simple projects still work for now.

I had crocheted my crochet hobo bag after losing Dad – but the yarn was a bad choice.  It pilled with the first use & continued to pill more & more until it ended up actually felting some.  I was disappointed, but not terribly so – I suspected it was going to be an issue.  I found a fantastic replacement yarn from Knit Picks, though – their CotLin turned out to be a wonderful yarn to use for the bag!  It could be a wee bit hardier, as it has shown a bit of wear – but I use my bag every day, so it is to be expected some.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search
I did something a little different for today’s search.  This time, I have selected patterns from the Ravelry database that have been rated 8, 9 or 10 in difficulty – challenge yourself!  Colorwork, cables, lace, amigurimi – what’s your flavor?  ;)  Remember, none of these are mine – just click them to go to the Ravelry page.

I love this one so much, I think it would be worth digging up the book it's from!

Seriously gorgeous pea coat.

Holy cow! Amazing.

I found some truly fantastic sweaters/jackets in this search!

* And some seriously awesome crochet patterns as well! Sadly, this one is only in German for now - hopefully there will be an English version sometime soon!

* Double knit reversible scarf - I haven't yet tackled the double knit challenge yet, myself. :)

Ooooh, so pretty! Reminds me a little of the butterfly lace dress.

* I might know someone who will fave this one, if she hasn't already. ;)

* Oh. Oh wow. Utterly incredible - isn't it just GORGEOUS???

* Wonderful! Seems stashbusting fair isle is a bit popular of late... ;)

Entrelac Turkey cozy? How fantastic is this idea for Thanksgiving?! :D

* Beautiful socks - they would make a great holiday gift & you have time to knit them before then! ;)

* The details are amazing on this one! All of her designs are just incredible - DO check them out!!

Bobbles, kitchener, lace - how much more challenging can it get?

* Free pattern

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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11 Responses to Halfathon Challenge, 25% Done!

  1. Joe says:

    Nice looking medal. Did you run this race in those VFFs?


    • H3Dakota says:

      Oh! I forgot to mention it – YES, I did! :D I thought for a little while that I was going to end up with a blister on my heel from the walking bits that I did, but in the end, no blisters. I saw one other person wearing them – she had the version with the strap over the instep and wore hers with socks. :)

      My legs have felt fantastic since the race – just a hint of soreness in my quads. My Achilles have both been pain free without any stiffness in them – 3 days later, they are stiffening up again. I haven’t been able to run since because of the stupid cold rearing its ugly head again. :(


      • Joe says:

        I had a theory about VFFs. I thought that it was a passing fad and that people who tried them out for a little bit switched back to regular running shoes. You proved me wrong.

        Hope you feel better, and keep on runnin’. Times will only improve. Three more half marathons and you’ll be ready for a… *gulp*… full marathon.

        P.S. Registration for the NYC 2011 marathon lottery opens on November 8th. If you want to run a full marathon, that is the ONE to run. :-)


      • H3Dakota says:

        I can see why you would have that theory, as it does seem to be a pretty big fad. But I’ve run in mine for over a year now & I just can’t see me going back to heavy clunky running shoes again. Last year’s Holiday Halfathon was agony for me & the last time I wore regular running shoes for running. :D

        I definitely have a full in my future, though I’m kind of doubting my first one will be NYC. LOL


  2. Robin says:

    that is a cool medal. Kinda looks like a running banana


    • H3Dakota says:

      Hee! Kind of close, it’s a running starfish! ;) I love this Halloween one, with the mask & jack o’ lantern face.


  3. AmyP says:

    Congratulations on the run and you got a really fun medal!

    The hobo bag looks really cute.

    Thanks for the Rav links, I’m checking some of them out right now.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Thanks! I really love the medals that they designed for the races here, they are cute! I was over the moon when I got my first one last year. LOL

      I seriously adore the hobo bag – I am totally going to make more of them in other colors! :D I’ve been using this one for some now & while the CotLin has been far superior to the Patons, it is showing a bit of wear sooner than I would have liked too. I’m not sure what yarn would be the best – maybe a cotton/nylon blend?


  4. susetheslowknitta says:

    well done on finishing the run, worth it for the groovy medal.

    Now I feel a need to knit me a dragon.. thanks, no really, thanks, it’s not like I haven’t got a queue as long as my arm ….. mutter,mutter,mutter


    • H3Dakota says:

      *giggling* If it makes you feel any better, I downloaded like every one of her patterns myself. LOL The youngest especially loved the Grail dragon & I suspect will be after me to make him one if he remembers it (and knowing him, he probably will).


  5. peony67 says:

    Congratlations on the run!
    And the pattern selection is great (as always)
    That dragon is awesom, and that purple sweater is so pretty!


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