Wilfrid the Geek

I have been good & managed to stay off my feet for almost 2 weeks!  :D  Last Sunday, I had my first ART session with my friend.  Let me tell you, if you ever have an injury, whether an overuse or not, seek out an ART specialist!!  She is simply fantastic!  Sunday night after my session, my leg has zero pain & stiffness.  It was felt so good, it was as if the tendinitis had never hit me.  When it feels that good, it’s really hard to not go for a run, but I have managed not to!  Plus, Monday morning rolled around & some of the pain was back.  This tendinitis is going to take several sessions with her & still more rest.  *sigh*

Wilfrid the Geek
I had a wee bit of Malabrigo Silky leftover from my “Severus has the Blues” mitts…  so, what to do with it, hmm?  After recently getting my toy/amigurumi love rekindled, I decided to create some new critters.  Since I’m such a geek myself, I’m calling them geeks.  LOL  So here is Wilfrid!  The oldest manlet picked out his name, for the record.  :D

Yarn:  approximately 8 grams DK weight
Needles:  Size 4 (3.5mm) DPNs
Safety eyes
Fingering weight scrap yarn for embroidery (or embroidery floss!)
Pipe cleaners (use the same color as your yarn for his antennae, if possible)
Stuffing of choice – craft stuffing or maybe leftover yarn scraps

CO 40, divide on DPNs (10 stitches per needle) and join, be sure to mark the start of the round with a stitch marker or piece of yarn.

Knit 12 rounds stockinette.

Beginning with round 13, decrease every round as follows until you have a total of 16 stitches (8 on each side):
Needle 1:  k2tog, knit to end
Needle 2:  knit to last 2 stitches, ssk
Needle 3:  same as needle 1
Needle 4:  same as needle 2

Use the kitchener stitch to bind off/seam the top.  For those of you that have not done this stitch before, I find the instructions here to be fantastic.  :)

Antennae (make 2):
If you like i-cord & have pipe cleaners that will blend with your yarn, then CO 4 on a DPN & knit an i-cord around a 6″ length of pipe cleaner.   If you haven’t knit i-cord before, you can learn how to do so here. Otherwise, you can knit a tube – CO 6 on DPNs, join.  Knit stockinette for 6″.  Bind off by cutting a long tail – thread it through a sewing needle and run it through the stitches on the needle.  Secure the yarn & weave in the end.  If you chose to knit the the tube instead of the i-cord, slip the length of pipe cleaner into them before attaching to Wilfrid.

Attach the safety eyes & embroider his mouth how you want it to go.  If you want to add any other features, do so now before sewing him shut.  Sew the antennae in place, where you want them – bend them in the shape you want.  Using your stuffing of choice, stuff the toy, then sew the bottom seam together.  All done!

Today’s Ravelry Search
In a conversation on Ravelry, I confessed to my utter love of doilies.  Anyone that has read my blog for any length of time already knows all about it, but I decided it was time to have a post dedicated to one of my favorite things!  Keep in mind – most doily patterns can also net completely STUNNING blankets or shawls, so don’t dismiss the power of the doily pattern!  ;)  As always, these aren’t my patterns – just click the picture to go right to the pattern page on Ravelry!

* Alita

* I love the Yarn Over site - it's full of stunning patterns like this one!

* This is actually the one that I knit! ;) It was my first knit doily (I've crocheted MANY over of the year).

* There are some seriously gorgeous free patterns out there!

* I'm not sure how long this pattern will be available online, but I'm really glad it is now! :)

* This pattern is breathtaking in blue, but the picture was too small to post here - DO go take a look!!

* One more incredible pattern from Yarn Over! :)

* And now for the crochet patterns! :)

* See? Not all crocheted doilies have big roses or pansies on them! ;)

* Some of the names are almost as pretty as the doily itself! Midsummer Moon - Nice!

* They are just as lovely in color!

* The 40's & 50's really did result in some gorgeous patterns!

* I love the pattern anyway, but this crocheter made it even more beautiful with the color choices!

* It's another one that is stunning in color!

* Another Crocus variation - just as gorgeous!

* I bet this one would be stunning in color, too!

ZOMG, THIS IS JUST STUNNING! Sorry for shouting, but it's just incredible!

* Free pattern

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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11 Responses to Wilfrid the Geek

  1. suddenexpression says:

    Wilfrid the Geek is so cute! I added him/her/it (?) to my favorites so I can make it with some scraps when I get the chance. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!


  2. michelle says:

    Wilfred is adorable… I want to make him into a hat, do you think he would mind?


  3. suse-the-slow-knitta says:

    awwww Wilfrid is awesome.

    wow, the doilies are massively impressive, some people are amazingly talented.


    • H3Dakota says:

      :D Thanks!! I love doilies SO much! :D I don’t actually use any, mind you… I just love making them & looking at them. he he he


  4. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for sharing such a cute free pattern! I linked to you from my blog :)



    • H3Dakota says:

      Ooh, thanks!! :) I just finished a friend for him, I just have to write up the blog post. Maybe later tonight. :)


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  6. Amy says:

    I love Wilfrid (and his friend) but the doilies you featured today are stunning! The lilies are gorgeous!


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* Thanks! I am SUCH a huge doily fan – I love them so much! The lily doily just took my breath away when I first found it. :)


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