Fantastic Long Run!

Running / Fantastic Long Run!

As I mentioned previously, going back to work has made it a bit more difficult to get my feet on the street this past week.  I didn’t log nearly as much as I’d hoped for runs on the weekdays.  But I think I’m good because I made up for it with today’s long run!  I started off my long run today & decided just to run for 2 hours rather than run for a set number of miles.  I hoped to get close to 10 miles run and in the end, I was very pleased.  I ran 9.5 miles in 2:01:20!  The best part of it…  5 minutes into my run, I came across Larry.  He ran with me for 8.5 miles of it, cheering/goading/encouraging me on for part of it.  As always, we chatted non-stop the entire time and the time just flew by.  He was so sweet, he even insisted that I take a few gulps of his Arizona tea when we stopped for his refuel break.  He had already been out for 2.5 hours when I saw him, so he was long overdue for that break.  As we ran & chatted, I was surprised by the number of runners & cyclists that gave him a shout out as we passed each other.  Sure, he’s a very well known figure locally, but today had to have been the busiest day yet for hearing folks calling out his name in hello as they went by us.  Of course, I think today was the busiest I’ve ever seen the Trail that I can remember as well.

What really impressed me today was the fact that I managed to not only get in a solid long run, but I also got home & mowed the lawn while I was reeking.  All of this on only 4 hours of sleep, I might add!  This blog post has taken me twice as long as usual due to the fact that I kept dozing off while adding the pictures…  ROFL!


YAY, I finished the manlet’s punky scarf!  :)  He wasn’t sure if he wanted tassels on it or not, so I’ve left them off for now.  I can always add them later if he decides to have them.  I kept it to a long & narrow scarf – it’s 9 feet long & only 2 inches wide.  I really think he’s going to like it.  I sure hope he does, anyway!  :)  If not, then I’ll have myself a new scarf, right?  LOL

I picked up my Blues shawl again, hoping to get it close to done as well.  I’m knitting it from this really gorgeous handpainted yarn that my friend Monica gave me for my birthday.  It’s so pretty that I knew it had to be a shawl rather than socks.  :)  I can’t wait to finish it so I can show it off!

Today’s Ravelry Search

So since I mentioned Larry sharing his Arizona tea with me, how about a selection of tea related patterns?  Fun!  ;)  Please click the pictures to go right to the pattern’s Ravelry page so you can fave/queue it!  ;)

Arrrgghh, me mateys! Just how freaking adorable is this tea cozy?!? This designer has some seriously AWESOME tea cozy patterns.

ROFL!! I can tell already, this post is going to be one of my faves just because of fun patterns like this one!

* Tea wallet! Hee!

Coffee or tea pincushions! CUTE!

Illusion tea cozies - clever! Steve Plummer is awesome with the illusion.

* I'm actually surprised this one doesn't have more projects, it very pretty!

* Cute! I adore vintage patterns.

* Simple & masculine - nice!!

Clean, classic & easy! I like this one.

* Grandma's Traditional Tea Cozy! Can't go wrong with this one, seriously.

* Another vintage pattern!

* Hee! For the geeky tea drinker - Jayne Cobb tea cozy! ;)

* Strawberry! I love it, too cute!

So pretty! Might be harder to find the pattern, but it was too pretty not to include!

* For the goth or pirate tea drinker! ;) Or a fun one for Halloween!

* Giggle... police car cozy! Awesome!

* I love most projects that combine knitting & crochet, truth be told. I really like this one!

* Cool!! Pug tea cozy. :)

* This tea cozy has been in my faves almost as long as I've been on Ravelry! I love it.

* I really love this one! I bet it is fun to make, too.

* Free pattern

Happy Sunday & Long Runs, everyone!  :)

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5 Responses to Fantastic Long Run!

  1. susetheslowknitta says:

    love the scarf for the manlet!
    I must make myself a new teacosy, or even two, a full size one for the main teapot, and a totsy wee one for my mini teapot which I use during the day


    • H3Dakota says:

      I really hope he likes it! :)

      I couldn’t get over the huge number of fun ones out on Rav! :)


  2. Joe says:

    Good job on the long run! woot!


  3. peony67 says:

    Nice scarf. And as for the Rav. projects…with all that tea I drink… I was never tempted to start a cozy… now I just might hehehe…


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