Returning to Spark


I’ve been having a good week so far, YAY!   I slept in a couple days & only got 3 miles each of those days.  I took Monday & Tuesday off altogether, but I ran 6 on Mother’s Day.  Today I ran 2 miles, came back home to take the manlets to school with every intention of running another 2 or 3 when I returned home.  Well, work got in the way & I ended up working all day long in my running gear.  I finally got extra frustrated by 6pm & went out the door for another 3 miles.  It really helped clear my head & I was able to get back & solve a problem I’d been dealing with all afternoon.  Woo Hoo!

Returning to Spark

So in addition to getting my running legs back, I decided I’d better tackle my nutrition at the same time.  I’m not a slacker when it comes to eating right, being a vegetarian & all.  But I figured I must be eating too much or the wrong balance of carbs/fats/proteins.   I clicked on over to to start tracking my food intake again.  It’s always been an excellent tool for me to keep an eye on my nutrition, but with the wide variety of websites I check into every day, I had given it up a long time ago.

So I started tracking my food again…  only to discover that my main problem is that I don’t eat enough.  My minimum caloric intake should be 1200 calories a day…  and I struggle every day to get that amount.  I’ve got to fall back to that snacking on fruit & peanut butter dip to fix this problem, I guess!  Oh, and I need to get back to my breakfast of oatmeal.  I’m completely that epitome of the absent minded geek, though – and I constantly forget to eat.  I know, I know…  I hear it ALL the time:  How the hell do you forget to EAT?!  I just do.  I get wrapped up in whatever I’m working on at the time & before I know it, it is 4 hours past lunchtime.  Sometimes I remember to put something in the microwave, but then I’ll forget all about it & it sits in there for hours.  LOL!


I finished up my fantastic Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf – I totally love it!!  I still had some of the purple/green yarn leftover and a tiny bit of the purple leftover in the end.  And the cream?  I actually ran out of it when I still had about 35 stitches left to bind off!  GAH!  So I decided, what the heck – it IS a scrap scarf, right?  I attached the bit of purple & finished the bind off with it.  After I saw how it turned out, I actually wish I’d realized the cream was getting that low – I would have been very happy with binding off in purple for the entire length!  Ah well.  It turned out to be 4″ wide by 60″ long.  It could have been a wee bit longer, but it works find at this length.  I completely love this pattern & will definitely be knitting more scarves with it!  Here, you can see the finished product, including a bit of the purple bind off…

Isn't it pretty? I'm just SO happy with it! :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

What else to search for, but Spark?!  :D  NO, not spark as in sparkling vampires (do NOT get me started on THAT subject – suffice to say, vampires Do.Not.Sparkle)!  As always, these are not my patterns – click the image to go right to the Ravelry pattern page!

* Cute!! I love it!

I'm not keen on the sparkle bits, but I like the rest! :)

Hee! It's a Hershey's Kiss hat!

Oh, SO pretty!!

* I've always like this hat! :)

* Hee!! I know just the person that would LOVE this one!

* Adorable hat inspired by The Golden Compass!

* I'm not entirely sure how comfy they would be, but they are cute! You'd have to use a really fine yarn for sure. :D


* You can never go wrong with Doris Chan! :)

* The bees disappearing? The BEES disappearing!! (of course I had to get in the Doctor Who reference!! Hee)

Adorable socks from Jesh!

* Free pattern

Happy Saturday, everyone!  :)

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    I love the light bulbs and the bees- maybe I should knit some of those for my garden to keep my bumbler happy!


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