Woo Hoo, or How I lost my Mind…


I took longer than I thought in my blog post this morning, so I ended up only running 3 miles.  And it was the slowest 3 miles I’ve run in a very long time.  As soon as I got my feet onto the Trail, hunger hit me…  so I guess yesterdays dinner didn’t stick with me too well or something.  I was just done in, I’m afraid.  But I felt much better by tonight, so I came home & put in a kick ass, hour long Get Ripped Advanced workout.  I could have gone for another run, but it was just a bit too hot out there with the sun still being high in the sky.

Ooh, speaking of celestial bodies in the sky – my one regret on this morning’s run?  I took the trail rather than going for the 5 miler out to the beach & back.  Because that full moon in the sky?  It was phenomenal!!  Absolutely incredible – it was HUGE!!

Woo Hoo, or How I lost my Mind…

The reason I’m  blogging twice in one day?  I am SO incredibly excited about having just signed up for the 2nd Florida Halfathon Challenge!  Am I insane?  Yep.  But I am also determined & excited!  Hee!  To answer your question, J – I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to swing a full marathon this year yet – but I think this challenge counts for extra credit, right?!  And holy cow – I just checked out the registration fee for Disney World Marathon 2011 – it is nearly the same as what I paid for all 4 races of the Halfathon Challenge!  I don’t think I’ll be going for that one after all.  :(


LOL – needless to say, I haven’t had time to pick up my needles yet today.  I plan to hit the next sock pattern in a bit, though.  After a shower, of course.  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

So, as a special treat for patterns in this post ~ all of these gems have been rated 7.5 to 10 in terms of difficulty on Ravelry.  None of these are mine – just click the image to go right to the Ravelry pattern page!

Pretty & challenging stole! Awesome!

This shawl pattern ALWAYS catches my eye! ;)

* Wow - just... WOW! It's amazing, don't you think?

I love this pattern. I have since I first saw it!

ZOMG! I love, love, LOVE this one! It's only available in German for now, though.

::blink:: Incredible. Seriously.

Ded. Ded from teh cute!

* Very nice socks!!

* Pansies on a doily? Of course I love it!

* Not the right time of year for coats in the northern hemisphere, of course, but gorgeous!

* I have no idea how I've missed this one before now!! Yes, this pattern is called Black Widow Spider!

* Oh, wow! It's called "Ultimate Stashbuster Vest" - awesome!

* Very cute toddler jacket!

* Now, THIS?! This is what I call a challenge!! It is awesome!

* Free Pattern

Happy Tuesday, again!  ;)

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14 Responses to Woo Hoo, or How I lost my Mind…

  1. Amy says:

    The pansies! I must have the pansies!

    Growing up, pansies were my mother’s favorite flower and every time I see them now, I think of her.


  2. Joe says:

    Wow, you are going to use the first two half marathons as practice for the 2011 Disney marathon and then finish the last two half marathons as part of this challenge.


    You haven’t lost your mind, just your marbles.

    (I have a feeling that I’ve slipped on my jump-to-conclusions mat.)


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL! I did have that brief moment when I thought about including Disney… but then I saw the registration fee for it & quickly decided that wasn’t happening. Hee!

      Hey – BTW – love your new blog look, but I can’t leave comments!?


      • Joe says:

        Let’s say that there wasn’t a registration fee for the 2011 Disney marathon; would you run it?

        I haven’t programmed in comments yet. It’s just a HTML file for now.


      • H3Dakota says:

        Absolutely, I would run it! :D I’ve wanted to run Disney for about 5 years now & it’s just not been possible. :)

        The blog looks good, I like it! :)


  3. peony67 says:

    the elfin bride is my “I will do it one day list” forever now… But you’ve known that, I guess


  4. Joe says:

    Let me know where to snail mail the check to cover your 2011 Disney marathon registration.

    Eddie can finish 43 marathons across the UK with 6 weeks of training (insane). You have 8 months to prepare for one marathon. :-)


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL! ;) Trust me, I keep Eddie Iz in the back of my mind frequently when I’m out for a run & thinking I can’t do it. :D


      • Joe says:

        Well, you have 7 hours to finish Disney. If it took you 3 hours to finish a half, finishing within the 7 hour timeframe is feasible.

        You can’t do it?! You can!


      • H3Dakota says:

        ROFL! I am hoping to get the halves done in little over 2 hours when the time comes. And the last time I was shooting for Disney, I was hoping for 4:30… :)


  5. Joe says:

    So are you aiming for 6 hours?

    This could turn into one of those “I should not have signed up for this” moments.


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL! Ideally, I would be happy to get a full done in 5 hours or less. But I will have to see. I’m getting back on track with my meds & iron levels again, so my weight is inching back towards normal – that will go a long way towards getting the speed back to where it normally is. Nothing worse than not being able to exercise at all for over a year! :D


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