I ran another 3 miles on Saturday – I got my feet on the street a bit later than I like to, so it was slow going.  It was pretty hot out there – noon is not the best time to go for a run, especially in Florida.  LOL  I came home to make a restroom & water break & wanted to go back out for 2 more, but was waylaid by a very chatty neighbor.  I kept telling her I needed to go, but she does tend to talk and talk and talk.  I ended up going back in for a shower instead.  Yesterday it rained just about all day long, so I never did get back out there again.  *sigh*  Today, I’m planning on another 3 miles.

One thing I did accomplish was ordering another pair of Vibrams.  The ones I’ve got are just a tiny bit too small – my big toe on my right foot gets a bit sore on the end if I wear them for very long.  Plus I was never keen on the color of them – I ended up with the putty color because they were the cheapest pair I could find anywhere.  I’d figured to spend as little as possible since I wasn’t sure if I would like them or not.  Now that I know I love them, I spent just a little bit more & got the next size up in all black.  This way I can wear them during the day as I go about my normal business too.  :)

ZOMG!  I almost forgot!  Today is the Boston Marathon!  w00t!   Can’t wait to watch it, I’m really psyched over it.  Yes, my name is Angela and I am a running geek.  Hee!


Saturday I finished knitting the first sock of the new design – YAY!  I wrote up the new pattern and sent it off to my test knitter.  I’m feeling a bit anxious about this one, so I hope to hear back from her sometime soon as to whether it’s good or not.  I cast on the second sock to do my own test knit, but having another pair of eyes knitting from it is always best for catching the little things that I forgot or typed up wrong.

I also cast on for the next pattern.  I’m thinking I might do this one with instructions for toe up AND for cuff down.  I haven’t decided yet, as that will require some serious rethinking…  the stitches I’ve decided on for the pattern are a bit complicated – this isn’t a pattern that is going to be easily memorized for many people.  I do like to have the occasional pattern be a bit more challenging/interesting to knit.  And given the character that this one is inspired by, that is entirely appropriate.  ;)


My design process, whether writing code or knitting patterns, can best be described as scattered, I think.  Notebooks, pieces of paper, napkins…  anything with a blank surface within reach of my pencil is fair game.  I jot down brief notes that make perfect sense to me and I rarely do so in any sort of logical order.  It’s really just a free form” jot a thought down while I’m thinking it” sort of process.  It’s not linear on the paper nor is it in any sort of order – it’s just a haphazard collection of notes turning all different directions.  It’s strange, really, that I would be like that with my designing while I’m so “Monkish” in everything else.  I’m the one person in the office that everyone hates – my desk is free of all papers/clutter except for maybe one notebook or printed out spec (which is usually the piece of code I’m currently working).  I cannot bear to have clutter, it drives me up the wall.  Yet look at my design process – it totally looks cluttered!  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

So, Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Time to knit/crochet something for your Mom, someone who is like a Mom or something for YOU to celebrate being a Mom, whether it’s the 2 legged kind, the 4 legged kind, a goldfish or even a philodendron!  ;)  Remember, these are not mine – just click the picture to go to the Ravelry pattern page.

Pretty socks!

* What a cute little cardi! Perfect for spring/summer weather, too.

* How about a pretty little doily?

* Some pretty little mitts to keep hands warm?

* How about a Kindle cozy?!

* Or perhaps an adorable hat?!

* ZOMG! This moose is adorable! :D

* If you are really ambitious - make a sweater with a matching hat! ;)

How about some funky, fun socks?

Wow, these are stunning!!

Mother/Daughter matching hats, cute!

* What an awesome idea - it's a hat stand! Much better than the slightly deflated soccer ball I use! he he he :)

* A pretty little shawl, maybe?

* Free pattern

Happy Monday everyone!  :)

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8 Responses to Scattered

  1. Robin says:

    I like your design writing style.
    Looks how I take meeting notes.


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* I’m more linear in my meeting notes, actually. It’s just whenever I’m doing any sort of design that I go all over the place. LOL!


  2. peony67 says:

    darn, I can’t see most of the pics from here… cool on finishing teh sock though :-)
    You mean you would walk around in your streetclothes AND your black wibram?


    • H3Dakota says:

      Oh yes, definitely!! I wear my putty colored Vibrams out & about often! I seriously love them. They aren’t fashionable, but I’m not one for fashion for the most part, being a grown up tomboy & all. ;)


  3. Joe says:

    So… about the secret 2010 marathon… what is it?

    Or are you postponing it until next year?

    Enlighten us.


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* I really don’t want to postpone a marathon this year. I’m eyeballing the Space Coast marathon, which is at the end of November. If I can get my legs back in shape, I wouldn’t mind heading back up to my home state & running one in July while I’m on vacation – but it’s unlikely that I’ll be ready that soon. Whichever one I manage, I definitely want to do the Holiday Halfathon again. And I am definitely going to shoot for Disney in 2011. Maybe by then I’ll be able to go Goofy! He he he


  4. great yarn colour! can’t wait for the next pattern!


    • H3Dakota says:

      I seriously love the color of the pattern in test now, but I really love the colorway of the next one. ;)


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