The End of Time


I’ve been a bit on the lazy side the past couple of days, I freely admit.  First, it’s been really quite cold out there & I just haven’t got winter running gear.  Tomorrow I’m determined to run in sweats, if I must…  I’m SO ready for a good run!  I put together my running plan & 2010 running log, w00t!  I’m going with a nice round 2010 for my annual goal this year.  My plan has it at 2493 – but I admittedly didn’t really think through my plan fully.  I just kind of stuck numbers in for now – no doubt, I will be tweaking it as I go through the year.  :)

As chilly as it is, and in light of the wind chill advisory that is in place until 9am tomorrow, I do believe I will be running in my old running shoes rather than the Vibrams.  I utterly love my Vibrams, but I think it will just be too cold for them.  Darn it!

The End of Time – SPOILERS!

So this past weekend brought about The End of Time, Part 2;  the heartbreaking episode of losing my Doctor.  I loved it in spite of that wee problem.  I loved, loved, LOVED that they brought the Time Lords back, even if it was very short term.  Gallifrey being gone was the one plot point that I just really did not like throughout this new series.  Part of me really hopes that future writers still find a way to have it return, but in a good way.  LOL  However, having said that much, I was surprised to find that I really liked the explanation of what really happened.  There just had to be more to the story than we’d gotten all this time because The Doctor just wasn’t devastated enough to have knowingly wiped out his home planet as well as his entire species without a really good reason.

John Simm as The Master?  Brilliant.  He was simply awesome in these last 2 episodes.  Never mind the fact that I can’t watch him eating (LOL) – and even though I don’t generally like blondes, he sure looks terrific as one!  Since he is The Master, I have no doubt that we will be seeing him (or a regenerated version) in the future again.  The Master *always* finds a way to come back, as we all know.  One way or another!

Ah Wilf.  Getting to be Luke Skywalker, how awesome was that?!  How much we all love & adore you…  yet at the same time, I know I wasn’t the only one raging over you going into that booth.  I knew the knocking 4 times was not going to be The Master (way too obvious!), but I didn’t see Wilf coming.  I really should have, but I was trying so very hard to not think about it nor try to guess what was going to happen – I wanted to be surprised.  :)  So heartbreaking, but in terms of a Doctor’s death, it was perfect.

My first impression of the extended goodbyes was that it was a bit overblown, over the top & RTD at his most sentimental.  But upon watching the episodes several more times, I found that I was really, really happy that he went there.  Best moment out of the goodbyes?  Verity & The Journal of Impossible Things – partly because by the time you reach that point, the tears have begun to abate some…  then you get hit with that slight quiver in The Doctor’s chin after asking if she was happy in the end.  The tears just come right back again (and yet again upon hearing his final words, of course).

Which brings me to the sheer pleasure of just watching David Tennant.  I love his Doctor, plain & simple.  But having seen him in so many things besides Doctor Who, I already knew what an incredible actor he is.  With the last 3 specials, he has just been so amazing.  Yes, the stories have been really terrific, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can pull off the role.  Words cannot express how much I am going to miss him in Doctor Who.  I hope his new endeavor takes off – to be able to see him on a regular basis here in the States would be sublime!  After seeing his Hamlet, I also wish so very much that he would do more Shakespeare that is filmed.


So I knit another Layla hat for myself – I needed one to wear with my Doctor Who t-shirt, of course!  ROFL!  I knit that one on New Year’s Eve over at my friend’s house as we celebrated.  The next day, I began knitting a birthday present for another friend (who has yet to receive it, actually).  When I finished that gift, I had just enough yarn leftover to knit up a quick dishcloth.

I cast on for my oldest manlet’s Hacky Sack Hoodie on New Year’s Eve as well.  I didn’t do much with it that day, as I had other things I was working on.  I started knitting in earnest on it on Sunday & made fairly decent progress.  :)  So far, so good – we shall see how it goes!  It’s the first sweater I’ve attempted, so I’m a bit nervous about it.  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

Stunning & Amazing!  None of these belong to me – just click the picture to go to the Ravelry page!

* What a pretty shawl! I really like this one.

Wow, this shawl is gorgeous! It's a bit more expensive than other patterns, but wow!

This shawl is designed to be knit in any weight but bulky - it's SO pretty! :)

Finding the pattern for this one might be a bit difficult, but it's gorgeous!!

* An excellent pattern for a Noro type yarn!

I love their designs SO very much! Must make this one day.

Another designer that I love! :)

* Awesome hat!

* Free pattern

Happy Monday, all!

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  1. susetheslowknitta says:

    I agree with you about Bernard Cribbins/ Wilf- totally fab, great actor always has been. John Simm was astounding, especially in the pink dress! Looking forward to more from Moffat and less from RTD- too schmaltzy for my taste, but I can forgive him most things as he brought Dr who back and got it to be good again!


    • H3Dakota says:

      Definitely looking forward to some awesome Moffat stories – I really wish David Tennant had stayed on for at least one series with Moffat at the helm. Ah well. RTD might have his sentimental moments, but I could never fault the man responsible for ‘Casanova’ and the return of ‘Doctor Who’! :)


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