My Favorite 2009 Holiday Gift


Unintentionally took a rest day yesterday.  I honestly meant to get my feet on the street for another 6 miler, but just got caught up in one thing & another.  Besides, it was really cold most of the day & I’m just not equipped for temps like those!  LOL

Today I did get a very late run in, though.  I didn’t get out there until mid afternoon or so.  By the time I got going, it was just over 70ºF, so it was almost a wee bit too warm.  I did my recent favorite run – the 6 mile bridge run.  This run takes me down the trail for 3 miles, up & over 3 bridges.  It’s an out & back trip, so it means 6 miles and 6 bridges.  Today’s bridge run was a bit slower than the the last couple, but mostly due to a bit of soreness on the balls of my feet – due to my feet needing to toughen up a bit with the Vibrams.  I’m still running in them – hoping to build my feet up so I can wear them for the next half marathon.

My favorite gift

Everyone that knows me, knows of my huge love for Doctor Who.  I loved watching it as a kid, but it was really difficult to catch in the States.  They played reruns on PBS, but I don’t remember it being a set in stone schedule.  Catch as catch can.  I finally gave up & stopped trying to find it.  Fast forward to last year when a friend convinced me to give the new Who a try.  It took about 3 episodes before I became completely addicted once again.  My first Doctor was Tom Baker, as he was for so many.  But David Tennant is absolutely my Doctor…  followed closely by Peter Davidson.  :)

So my favorite gift this year?  My sister has paid attention to my many Facebook statuses where I commented that I was watching Doctor Who…  and this was one of my gifts from her…  my first Doctor Who t-shirt – YES!  :D


Today I finished the youngest manlet’s punk vibes socks – finally!!  He’s got huge feet, so it felt like forever to knit them this time.  It doesn’t always feel like that, but it did this time.  LOL

I cast on a hat for myself, hoping this one will work for me.  Some of them just don’t look good on me at all.

Today’s Ravelry Search

Fun patterns for today!  :)  None are mine, click the picture to go to the Ravelry pattern page, as always.

* A very nice hat! I really like this one.

What a lovely sock pattern! :)

* This pattern looks wonderful with a variegated yarn! I LOVE it!

* Oooh, I do love cables on hats!

* Great scarf - looks like a quick & easy knit!

GORGEOUS! I love the pattern & I love this knitter's project photos!

* Hmmm... I think I might just have to make one or two of these! Love it!

Gee... this looks a bit familiar... wonder why? *snerk*

* Free Pattern

Happy Wednesday, all!

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