Happy Christmas, The End of Time & Hamlet


I took a rest day today, mostly because at first my legs were a bit sore from yesterday’s run (more on that later!), but then once my legs felt better, it was raining.  Drat it!  LOL  I plan on a good run tomorrow though, to make up for today’s sloth.

Yesterday’s run…  I decided to go for my bridge run, but this time I went out to the 3rd mile marker & back, totaling 6 miles.  Up & over 3 bridges (twice each), this time I felt really good with them.  I ran up just about every single time – albeit, slowly, but at least I ran them!  I was nearly to the end of my run when I came across Larry.  I turned around & walked a bit with him, chatting.  He had already gotten his run in for the day too, so we chatted & walked about a half mile.  When he turned off the trail to head towards home, I turned around and walked back to the point where I’d met up with him & finished my run.  I did all 6 miles in my Vibrams, hence today’s soreness when I woke!  It is the farthest that I have run in them so far – and my feet/legs feel just fine now, so I’m thinking running the half marathon in them is not an inconceivable idea now!  w00t!

Happy Christmas, The End of Time & Hamlet

So for those of you that celebrate the holiday today, Happy Christmas!  :)  We had a quiet & mostly relaxing day here – went out this afternoon & got pancakes at IHOP.  We were shooting for brunch at Village Inn, but it was murder trying to get the manlets moving today.  We ended up with “linner” instead (as the youngest called it).  LOL  We also ended up at IHOP because Village Inn shut down their kitchen at 2pm – so we ended up just buying a pie there instead.  I tried the gingerbread pancakes at IHOP…  not bad, but not my favorite either.

So the first half of my favorite Doctor’s ending run showed across the pond today.  It’s showing on BBC America tomorrow here.  Originally I’d thought to wait until next week & watch both parts together so that I’m not stuck waiting on edge for a week.  Yeah, that’s SO not happening.  I do know for a fact, though, that I was right in my guess what was meant by “it is returning through the dark”.  YES!!  It’s been the one element that I have felt the most angst over with the new series.  I just really kind of wish this plot point had been introduced much earlier in this series than now.  Ah well.  :)

I’m also SO psyched about seeing David Tennant’s Hamlet – truth be told, even more than The End of Time.  I have heard him in a couple Shakespeare plays now (Comedy of Errors & Much Ado About Nothing) and absolutely loved them.  I’ve known for some time that he is an amazing actor – he was incredible in Recovery.

After seeing this clip, I’m even more over the moon about getting to see him in Hamlet at some point!  How could I not with glimpses like this…?!

It takes my breath away.


So I did not get the youngest manlet’s socks done in time.  I had really hoped to get them done, but too many other things got in my way.  So I am working on getting them finished for him.  Probably just as well since the oldest’s socks turned out to be just a tad too big.  This way, the youngest can try them on & I will know for certain when to hit the heel.

Tomorrow, I must finish up one final gift for my sister.  It should not take too terribly long…  knowing me, though, I’ll probably take longer than I really want to.  LOL  It will actually be my first project to have actual sewing involved in finishing it!

Today’s Ravelry Search

In honour of Hamlet, today’s search was for the author & turned up some really wonderful patterns!  None of these are mine – remember to click the photo to go right to the Ravelry pattern page!

I discovered this one just the other day & simply HAD to gift my virtual BFF with it. Stunning, isn't it?!

Midsummer Night's Dream - I love that story. :)

* Beatrice & Benedick... I adore these 2 characters as well as their play!

* A very pretty scarf for a feminine friend or loved one!

* Oh Anett - I just know you've got this in your favorites!

* Oooh, another just adorable little sweater! I love it!

* Such pretty colorwork!

Not only is this pattern gorgeous, but I love this project photo! :)

* The sole crochet pattern in the search results - very pretty!

* Free pattern

Happy Friday, all!

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