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So yeah…  still haven’t stuck to my original training plan.  But it’s all good!  The Holiday Halfathon is this coming Sunday.  I know I can finish, that’s not a problem.  I just hate that it’s going to be SO slow!  LOL  As they say, though…


Right?  My fellow runners know what that means.  I’m shooting to do a wee bit better than DFL anyway.  ;)

I’ve been running quite a bit in the Vibrams.  I have days when my legs are really, really sore – in places they’ve never been sore before!  After running quite a few times, I think I could do a bit better with the next size bigger.  Just to give my toes a bit more room.  I’m cursed with long fingers, long toes, long arms & long legs for being so freaking short…  so my toes feel a bit webby in the size I’ve got.


I’ve been working like crazy on various projects the past few weeks.  Getting ready for the holidays & all that.  Since I’ve linked my blog & it’s rather public, I’m not going to be showing off any projects as I don’t want anyone’s surprises to be ruined.  :D

I’m working on finishing up a few projects for my nieces – they are very much into the whole American Girls doll thing lately.  So they are getting matching items – a project for their dolls and a matching project for them to wear as well.  :)

Project 365

So some of my fellow Rubberneckers decided to join up into a group to participate in Project 365 …  it sounded like a blast & a challenge, so I joined along with them!  In essence, you snap one photo a day for an entire year – photos of events in your life or maybe just challenging photos trying new things with your photography skills.   I’ve linked to my photo set on the sidebar, but here are some of my shots so far…

Vibrams in the Office

Vibrams in the Office

A Typical Evening

Twisted Vines

Christmas Lights, Tossed

Today’s Ravelry Search

So, here are some patterns I found when I made an appropriate search…  as always, these patterns are not mine – click the picture to go to the Ravelry pattern page.

Lace Photo Mats - lovely!

*Ocean Photo Frame - this pattern would be perfect for a beach scene!

*Fantastic idea for those that live in cold weather! Love it!

*Whoa! Seriously gorgeous!!

*XOXO Cable Hat - wonderful!

*One can never go wrong with The King!

*Oh, wonderful! Rune Alphabet - I love it!

*Fantastic! A felted camera bag.

Cute gift idea for a photographer! :)

A lovely crochet version of a felted cozy! :)

*Free pattern

Happy Monday, all!

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