Bad blogger, bad!


Whew, wow.  Where to begin?  LOL  First, I have not been able to stick to my training plan.  I’m not terribly worried about, though.  I’m still running whenever I possibly can.  I can still get 12 mile long runs done.  Slowly, but I can do ’em!  I’m balancing my runs with short runs in my new Vibrams with longer runs in my beat up Aasics.

Ah – running in Vibrams = a whole new perspective on what muscles you use to run!  :D  For those of you that don’t know about them, they are designed to protect the feet while still giving the flexibility of running in bare feet.  I find that the next day after running in them, my legs/ankles/feet are sore in places that normally don’t hurt after running.  :)  Did you know that the typical foot has 26 bones, 33 joints & 20 muscles?!  WOW!  he he he

There is a whole subset of the running community dedicated to running barefoot, if you haven’t already discovered them.  Running Barefoot is a good resource for anyone interested in more info, though they are pretty emphatic about running completely barefoot there.  Those of us that live in more urban areas really can’t run too many places barefoot – I know I come across broken glass all the time in my runs every day.  That’s why my Vibrams are a perfect solution for me!  :)

Here – these are my Vibrams!

I’ve gotten my weekly mileage up to around 30 miles, though this past week I had to take off.  I’ve been battling a cold for a week & it’s really caused a hit in my running.  :)  Better now than the week of my half marathon, yes??

OH!  I nearly forgot!  For those of you that have been reading my blog for a bit, you know all about the ABC gum pole.  Well, I took my mobile with me on one of my weekend runs & snapped a shot of it for you.  Just in case you thought I was making it up!  LOL  Excuse the dark pic, it was a stormy run that day…  ;)


Wowza, have I been busy in this area!!  :)  I finished Narcissa just before SAFF, yay!  It turned out really lovely – I really love Shelby’s colorways!  Also finished – a lovely lacy scarf for myself (I fell in love with the colors!).  I crocheted 2 shawls for my favorite niecies – the Crocus Bud shawl.  The pattern is really simple but wow, does it ever crochet up & block out gorgeous!!  Take a look….

I did one in blue for my niece Olivia & one in purple for her twin Devin. I adore my niecies! :) I really hope they like them.

I also crocheted a doily for my friend Monica’s sister.  They were very sweet & invited me over for Thanksgiving lunch since the manlets were at their father’s house for most of the day.  I used the Exceptional pattern from ‘Extra-Special Doilies’ by Leisure Arts.  All the doily patterns in that booklet are gorgeous!  I didn’t have enough of the color of crochet thread to do the full doily, but I was happy with how it turned out nonetheless.

I had given my BFF a knit grocery bag – yet another Ilene bag, of course – for her birthday.  She loved it so much, she asked me to make one for her daughter as well, so I got that done too.  I have another holiday one OTN – have I mentioned how much I adore this pattern??  LOL!

I have Lucius OTN as well.  I had planned a gorgeous cable pattern for him – what else would be appropriate for Lucius Malfoy?!  But, the cables were just getting overpowered by this gorgeous colorway, unfortunately.  Then Leonardo grabbed the sock off my dresser & played with it, chomping my wooden sock needles.  I had to frog the sock!  Luckily, the yarn didn’t break, amazingly enough.  But since I had to frog it, I redid the plan & I’m pretty satisfied with the new plan.  I’ve made good progress on that too.

It’s the busy season, what can I say?!  :D

Bad Blogger, Bad!

I know…  I know.  I’ve been really, really bad about blogging of late.  My apologies!  I promise to do better.  It may be the crazy season, but I have every intention of sticking to blogging.  I really do enjoy it & sometimes, you just have to make the time to do what you really enjoy!

I’ve also been overindulging in my Doctor Who addiction of late.  Brought on by the seriously fantastic episode, Waters of Mars, of course.  David Tennant really knocked it out of the park in this episode ~ he never fails to amaze me, but this episode is really fantastic.  I was both horrified by and heartbroken for the Doctor, yet at the same time, I completely understood why he did what he did.  It really takes talent – both by the actor and by the writer – to bring such conflicting emotions out in the audience.  I am have really mixed emotions about the final 2 specials starring my all time favorite Doctor – I am both really eager to see them, but completely dreading losing MY Doctor.  LOL  In fairness to Matt Smith – I recently saw a couple movies that he had a role in and I honestly think he will be just fine as the Doctor.  I just highly suspect that he’s not going to be MY Doctor.  :)

I did get quite the chuckle out of the Children in Need teaser.  Good Queen Bess & her nickname, indeed.  Though that is a story I would dearly love to read in a book some day.  ;)  And I totally LOL’d over the “locked it like a car” bit.  he he he

Today’s Ravelry Search

So…  the mad season is upon us!  Let’s see what fun things we can find…

* Oh, now these are just adorable!

* Cute crochet mice!! :)

* Berroco has now published a set of mini sweater ornament patterns 3 years in a row - aren't they FANTASTIC?!

* Cute afghan from Patons!

* Crocheted wreath - cute! :)

* I really do love thread crochet! :)

* I really do need to make a steering wheel cover regardless, but this one is cute!

* LOL!  Funky Santa!

* I have some serious love for this popcorn garland!!

* These would make really cute ornaments for a tree, don't you think?

* I love tawashi anyway, but this is so cute for a holiday gift!

* Elf sock! SO cute.

* Free pattern.

Happy Friday, all!  ;)

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8 Responses to Bad blogger, bad!

  1. Sid Simpson says:

    Dear Teacher-

    Would you please help me make some mice next year? Those are too cute for words! But I still need help with knitting foo.



  2. Glad you enjoyed The Waters of Mars ( scary or what??) and the trailer for the christmas two-parter.

    the vibrams look like they could belong to a dr who alien!! glad they are helping with the running!


    • H3Dakota says:

      :D WoM wasn’t quite as scary as Blink, but it was a good one! I really loved the breakdown of the Doctor, though. Loved it even though my heart broke for him, that is. It’s something we’ve not seen him do before. :) LOL – someone just said my vibrams look like little froggy feet! he he he


  3. sagaciouspines says:

    Are you planning on running the half in those Vibrams? You’ll stand out of the crowd if ya do.

    I tried walking barefoot once; the concrete sidewalk feels like sandpaper. I’ll stick to running in my foot coffins [shoes].


    • H3Dakota says:

      No, I haven’t gotten a run in the Vibrams over 3 miles yet, so I’ll be running the half in my regular shoes. Someday, though, I hope to get in long runs in them! :)


  4. peony67 says:

    Missed your posts, Bad Blogger!!!
    Those Vibrams look really funny, are they really feel like barefoot?
    I managed to catch a few episode of Dr WHO by now, and I can see where all that fascination comes…


    • H3Dakota says:

      :D I promise to try & do better! he he he

      The Vibrams do look funny, but they really are comfortable. They don’t feel the same as barefoot when walking around in them, but they do feel very close to barefoot when I run in them. Not having any padding whatsoever between my soles & the road is a huge change. :)

      If someone could get off her lazy behind & the Post Office, you might be able to fully appreciate the Doctor Who addiction some day. he he he


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