HBP & Doctor Who

So yeah, I’m still working on building myself back up. I’m slower than hell and don’t get very far, but there you have it. During my 4 miler last week, I ran into a gentleman walking a dog that stopped me to chat. He was very nice & just needed to talk, I think. His long time canine companion had died 3 weeks earlier from cancer, so he was telling me all about him. I know that he was hurting & wanting to talk, but he was very sweet & complimentary about me getting out there running.

I had planned to run today again, but at the moment, it looks like we will be socked in most of the day with thunderstorms. Hopefully there will be a break at some point during the day when I can sneak in a run!

I finally got moving on knitting up the stunning yarn that is the first installment of the Mean Girls Club. The colorway is wonderful!! I tried many different things with it & finally settled on Posey socks.  They are really fun & different to knit!  :)  The one downside is that there really isn’t a way to do any shaping on the leg & mine are a bit too big.  I’m not sure that knitting them with size 0 would have fixed that either…  perhaps making the squares just a couple stitches less would be just the ticket.  I might knit the pattern again & try that.  Other than being too big, the socks are GORGEOUS!!  :)

I’ve also spent a bit of time experimenting with dyeing yarn this past week.  I’ve gotten several skeins dyed for various projects now & put in an order for more bare sock yarn.  I really love it & might make the final leap towards using real dyes at some point.  So far, I have found that I LOVE the Kool-Aid dyeing & Wilton’s takes a bit of playing with, but I’ve really liked that too.

HBP & Doctor Who
So I did go see HP & the Half-Blood Prince last week with the manlets & the IRL BFF.  Sadly, I found myself cataloging the various missing scenes, so I missed out on quite a bit as far as enjoying the movie version goes.  I am going again this week so that I can just sit & relax while watching it to see what I really think.  I do know for a fact that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just did NOT have enough of the Half-Blood Prince!!  ;)

So I’ve made it through all the new Doctor Who episodes a couple times now.  Totally, completely & irrevocably addicted now.  I am purposely avoiding all photos/videos of the guy that is going to be the 11th Doctor.  I don’t want to have my opinion influenced by speculating what sort of Doctor he’s going to be!

At the moment, I just cannot fathom anyone replacing David Tennant, as he is the BEST Doctor of all.  I’ve heard it said that your first Doctor is your favorite, but I can say that does not apply to me at all.  My first Doctor is my 5th favorite, actually.  LOL  My list goes like this (most favorite to least):  10, 5, 9, 8, 4, 3, 7, 6.  I haven’t seen 1 or 2 yet, so I don’t know where they fall on the list.  I’ve also only seen one episode each of 7 & 6, so the tail of my list will shift a bit.  I’m pretty confident that the first 5 will not be changing, though.  ;)

I cannot tell you how often I’ve been asked “any relation?” over the year or two as Mr. Tennant has become more & more popular.  It has been a new experience for me, actually.  Not terribly surprising though, as Tennant is certainly not a common name.  Now that I’ve done a bit of reading, I can officially say “No, no relation at all”.  ;)

Today’s Ravelry Search
So, what to search for today?  Hmm, how about this?  As always, clicking a photo will take you to the pattern page.

Elegance Socks - very pretty!

Elegance Socks - very pretty!

* Lovely little crochet shell!

* Lovely little crochet shell!

* Elegant drinking scarf!  Very nice.  :)

* Elegant drinking scarf! Very nice. :)

Wow, this blanket is awesom!  :)

Wow, this blanket is awesome! :)

So pretty, these socks!

So pretty, these socks!

* I love to see dainty, delicate & feminine crochet wraps/shawls!  :)

* I love to see dainty, delicate & feminine crochet wraps/shawls! :)

* I really wish the pictures were bigger, this is a terrific set!!

* I really wish the pictures were bigger, this is a terrific set!!

Definitely a shawl that can be classified as elegant!  :)

Definitely a shawl that can be classified as elegant! :)

I love this top!  I really, really do.

I love this top! I really, really do.

*Free pattern

Happy Monday, all!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I saw HBP yesterday and I agree with you, not enough HBP. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it but I too caught myself cataloging what was missing and being confused over what was added. I will probably not get to see it again til it’s out on DVD so boo. But I did get to go see it!!


  2. peony67 says:

    I never really caught up with Harry Potter… maybe if my son would be a couple of years older???
    I am just trying to introduce him to the wonders of Star Wars and Lord Of The Ring… (and now my Apres surf hoodie will be linked to the elvens forever…)
    Oh that blanket is gorgeous, and you know I love the Icarus shawl.


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