Draco Complete!


So yesterday, my running partner wimped out on me when I picked him up from school.  I went on out & did 3 miles by myself anyway.  Got them done faster than we go out together – less walking & talking, of course.  LOL!  He didn’t wimp out on me tonight, though!  w00t!  We ran 3 tonight, got them done faster since we didn’t take Leonardo with us this time.  Still no where near what I used to run 3 miles in, but I’m ok with that.  I’m still getting out there, right?  The shins are bothering me again tonight…  but I’m hoping like mad that it’s just the nasty old shin splint issue since I’m technically starting over once again.

Registrations opened up for the Gulf Beaches Half Marathon today, woo hoo!  My coworker got the email & told me it was open…  so we both signed up on the spot!  First 100 get their spots for only $30 – and we were both in that group!  YAY!  Now I have a solid goal to work towards.  Very cool, this race is one that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Mostly ‘cuz I just love the finisher medal.  he he he  It’s cute, what can I say?  :P


Draco is DONE!  I finished knitting them last night around midnight.  Woke up early this morning to finish writing up the pattern for them.  Had to wait for the sun to come up so I could get in some good pictures of them for Ravelry & the pattern file.  Once I got all of that done & the PDF created…  it was too late to post it to Ravelry – I had to leave for work!  I was most frustrated by the delay.  However, it’s all good – posting a pattern in the evening gets a bit more exposure, I think.  Or maybe not.  he he he  Anyway…

I had the socks on my feet & headed for the door this morning – then remembered that I hadn’t finished them!  Each sock still had a dangling tail that needed to be woven in yet.  Grabbed a needle, stuck in my shirt – grabbed scissors, stuck those into my purse & off to work I went.  We had a “team building” event at a local park.  When I arrived, as I headed for the picnic table, someone stops me & asks “did you know that you have a needle in your shirt?”  I replied “yes, I need to finish my socks!” and promptly sat down, pulled out the needle & wove in the tails!  LOL!

I was SO excited to have them done!  I’m very, very pleased with how they turned out.  My first real stranded colorwork, too!  Hope you all like them…

Today’s Ravelry Search

Since today was the whole “team building” event, I thought I’d do a related search today.  :)

OH!  I had a comment on Ravelry which lead me to realize that some of you may not be aware…  every picture you see here is linked to the pattern page on Ravelry.  So if you see something you like, click it – it will open a new window/tab for you & take you right to the page so you can favorite, queue, download or purchase the pattern!  :)  On to the fun stuff…

Kitteh!!!  I love - LOVE - CraftyAliens stuff!  Its all fantastic.

Kitteh!!! I love - LOVE - CraftyAlien's stuff! It's all fantastic.

* Go Team Go socks - I love these Wildcat socks!  :D

* Go Team Go socks - I love these Wildcat socks! :D

* The Life Aquatic beanie!  :)

* The Life Aquatic beanie! :)

* I really like this scarf - simple, clean!  Very nice.

* I really like this scarf - simple, clean! Very nice.

* Flutter-by socks!  Very cute pattern!

* Flutter-by socks! Very cute pattern!

* Sexy!  Not for everyone, of course, but its an awesome idea!

* Sexy! Not for everyone, of course, but it's an awesome idea!

* Seriously breathtaking, I love this pattern!  Ive featured it before & likely will again.  LOL

* Seriously breathtaking, I love this pattern! I've featured it before & likely will again. LOL

I do believe that my virtual BFF has this pattern - if not, then I know she ADORES it!  :D

I do believe that my virtual BFF has this pattern - if not, then I know she ADORES it! :D

::blink::  WOW!  Phildar has some truly fantastic crochet patterns - too bad they can be somewhat difficult to find in the US!

::blink:: WOW! Phildar has some truly fantastic crochet patterns - too bad they can be somewhat difficult to find in the US!

* Awwww!  Love bears!  Anyone else have Bear Necessities stuck in their head now?  :D

* Awwww! Love bears! Anyone else have "Bear Necessities" stuck in their head now? :D

Oooooh, gorgeous!

Oooooh, gorgeous!

* Free pattern

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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18 Responses to Draco Complete!

  1. Daisydeadpetal says:

    OMG – Those socks are GAWGeous. I aboslutley love them.

    I have to done did get better at socks…


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* Hey, thx!! For some reason, I struggled with this one, but it was worth it in the end. I’m so happy with how they turned out! You know how writers will either have their story plotted out & it goes all according to plan or they start off with a plan and the characters just seem to take over & the story ends up totally different than how the writer intended? Sock designs seem to go the same way for me. ROFL! They either follow the idea in my head or they end up going down a completely different path than I had originally planned. This pattern was one of those. he he he


  2. peony67 says:

    Hey, such a great post! Great socks!!! I love the! and almost fall of the chair because I laughed on the story of the woven in tail…(but you know why? Because that is something I am capable of myself, hehehe).
    Yes, you are right I do love that pattern, and I also have it, in fact I started it too, but I’ve decided to knit the bodice part, and only crochet the shoulders… the project got caught at some point, but thanks for reminding, I’ll finish it for this year!
    Can’t see the pic of the last one, but that round lace is… breathtaking!


    • H3Dakota says:

      Thx, A! ROFL – omg, I know – I could definitely see you doing the same thing with weaving in the last bit. he he he

      Yes, I thought for sure you had the pattern – it’s been awhile since we’d talked about it, but I thought you were planning on it one day. Might be just the thing to trigger spring in your corner of the world, eh? ;)

      I just love that round lace. I’ve got several patterns like that – patterns that I just love so much, I point them out all the time. LOL


  3. Biscotte says:

    WOW !! Well done and beautiful pattern !!!


  4. the Draco socks are amazing! well done!
    glad you got your name in for the next big run.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Thx Suse! I just had to wear them again today. he he he I’m really excited about the race, it’s one that I’ve been wanting to run for a long time. :)


  5. Michelle M. says:

    I absolutely love the Draco socks! Very very cool. I also like the other patterns you have featured today. But not as much as your socks. :)



  6. peony67 says:

    Spring eh??? what the heck is that??? yesterday there was SNOW (insert a pukey emoticon here) in the country… I haven’t see it thank god…
    That thing is more for summer though…


  7. Echoing everyone else: those are gorgeous socks!


  8. sagaciouspines says:

    I feel peer-pressure to sign-up for Gulf Beaches. Must not give in… must not give in…

    How far is a half-marathon anyway? ;-)


    • H3Dakota says:

      *snerk* Aw, c’mon – it’s only $30 if you get in the first 100 runners…. you know you want to! ;)


      • sagaciouspines says:

        Now, now… you didn’t mention anything about the extra processing charge they tack on. Technically it’s 33.28.

        I signed-up. All that I need to do is to find someone to run this for me.


      • H3Dakota says:

        ROFL… suckered ya into it, didn’t I?! he he he


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