Contemplative today

So I tweeted about my mood today…  contemplative is the best description, I suppose.  Reason for it?  Recently, my IRL BFF tried to convince me to start dating again.  In all honesty, I am pondering why on Earth I would.  I’m perfectly happy with the way my life is at the moment!  I never have the toilet battle, don’t have to fight over the remote (though I only have the TV on for movies or for the one show I watch) and there’s no one to give me grief over being a vegetarian.  If I want to stay up half the night reading or knitting or having an Alan Rickman marathon, I do!

Seriously…  if any of you wonderful readers can enlighten me, please do!  I strongly urge you to leave me comments – tell me why I should start dating again!

In other news, I finally found just the gadget I was looking for…  an iPod docking stereo soundbar.  Sure, it’s cheap.  Just saw some reviews on a website & most of them were bad.  Hmmm.  Well, so far, I love it.  Hopefully we won’t run into any issues with it!  I wanted something inexpensive to watch movies on the big TV that we’d rented or bought from iTunes – watching movies on the Nano is ok, but sometimes ya just really want to watch them on a much bigger screen.  We got it hooked up & watched Hancock on it – definitely better than watching it on the dinky little iPod screen!!  ;)

Fan Fiction

w00t!  Bundle of Joy is finally complete!  I’ve been waiting for months for this story to get finished.  I refuse to read fan fiction while unfinished.  I want to read my stories all in one shot – not wait for months, reading one chapter a week!  :)  So yeah, I’m sneaking peeks at it here & there – it’s all loaded up on my pocket pc!  *grin*  Abycat, Daisydeadpetal & faeriebell, you’ll be happy to hear that I am completely loving it so far!!  ;)


Blerg…  still trying to get on the well side of being anemic…  so the energy level just isn’t there.  Finally got caught up on the meds for Hashimoto’s, at least.  Trying to build up the stupid iron pills, but that takes so freaking long!!!  Yeah, I’m frustrated.  LOL  It’s just so infuriating to wake up exhausted and feel the energy drain out as the day goes by.  So, yeah – no running since the weekend.  I did do pushups, situps & hangs today, though!  w00t!


Nothing on the stupid lace scarf.  ::rolling eyes::  I have knit up a couple more fish for my Here, Fishy, Fishy blanket, though!  Got a fantastic package in the mail from one of my fellow RnRs full of wonderful sock yarn goodness.  I’ve knit 2 little fishes from that bundle & have a 3rd one started.  Fennel, that’s some seriously fantastic sock yarn, there!!  :D

Today’s Ravelry Search

ROFL…  I seriously LOVE the first pattern from today’s search!!  ;)

* ROFL - not sure which I love more, the name of the pattern or stoned kitteh here...  ;)

* ROFL - not sure which I love more, the name of the pattern or stoned kitteh here... ;)

Cute little purse!

Cute little purse!

Had to include this one just because I love the photo shot so much!  ;)

Had to include this one just because I love the photo shot so much! ;)

* Ok, so I had to include this one, with Gasparilla & all!  ;)

* Ok, so I had to include this one, with Gasparilla & all! ;)

Ok, so most of the results have Need issue date on them, but these socks are great, arent they???

Ok, so most of the results have "Need issue date" on them, but these socks are great, aren't they???

This little wrap is really cute!  I love how you can tie it a couple different ways...

This little wrap is really cute! I love how you can tie it a couple different ways...

So, um, yeah...  named Lunch Date.  I would not look good in this, so definitely not for ME.  :)

So, um, yeah... named "Lunch Date". I would not look good in this, so definitely not for ME. :)

ROFL - ok, a babys play date is NOT what I have in mind, but this one IS cute if youre into that sort of thing.  ;)

ROFL - ok, a baby's play date is NOT what I have in mind, but this one IS cute if you're into that sort of thing. ;)

For once, a non solid colorway doesnt really detract so much from the stitch pattern!  Nice!

For once, a non solid colorway doesn't really detract so much from the stitch pattern! Nice!

* Free pattern

Happy Thursday, all – and don’t forget to comment!  ;)

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16 Responses to Contemplative today

  1. peony67 says:

    To tell you the truth at the moment I don’t have neither the time nor the energie and not even the opportunity to date, so I am probably not the best to asnwer this question… There are some things I miss, like being just hugged, or kissed, or being romantic (I am a terrible romantic at heart)…
    On the other hand all those things you said are valid. Nobody to tell me what to do, when to dow, how to do it… Nobody to take the controlls…
    Maybe dating, and just dating might be fun for you. It definetly does wonders to ones self image. But I swore that I am who I am and I am not going for anybody who would not take and love me for who I am. All of it. With my kid, my coke-drinking habit, my knitting, my tendency to watch tv(and movies and read books) in English (instead of my mother toungue)…I never want to go out with someone who would not keep up with that. Or one who would groan at the suggestion to walk a mile or two (or even three), or…
    And there comes an other question… is it possible to fins someone like that???


    • H3Dakota says:

      :) I love who I am, too. My self esteem isn’t tied to dating anyone. I’m not about to change for anyone either – I am who I am. Love me or not. I was joking online today & said that I just haven’t found my own personal Severus yet. But truthfully, I’ve been burned before because I wasn’t sticking to my “list”. Like wanting someone that loves to work out & would be my workout partner. And ended up with smoking couch potatoes – not that they let on in the early stages that they were like that. *sigh*


  2. As an old married lady, I probably shouldn’t comment, especially because I often say the best thing about being married is not having to date!

    Seriously, I was happily single for quite some time and didn’t plan on getting married. I decided to date because I missed romance and intimacy. Finding my husband was a wonderful surprise. So my first response is that you may surprise yourself and meet someone wonderful. And dating can be good for your ego.


    • H3Dakota says:

      LOL – hey, “old married” ladies certainly *should* comment!! :D Clearly you were successful in your dating since your status has changed. ;) Thank you so much for the comments – I really appreciate it!

      I suspect that the time might arrive that I find myself missing romance, too. I do have moments when I do even now, but then I remember how quickly all that fizzles once you are in a committed relationship… I’ve yet to meet someone that continues the romance once they “have you”. I know they exist (my father is like that), but they seem pretty few & far between. :)


  3. DragonCelt says:

    You know, the only reason you SHOULD date is if you want to. You see someone you want to date then you should do it. Otherwise, just have a good time, enjoy yourself and it’ll take care of itself. I get a lot of people whining at me “Why are you still single?” I’m so tempted to tell them to leave me alone but all I can really say is that I’m just looking for the best and the best hasn’t shown up yet.

    Also, I’m trying to get into running, too. I ran for 20 minutes straight at 4.5mph which is SO slow for most people but I figure what is important right now is to move, not how fast I move. :)

    Cute patterns, thank you for sharing!


    • H3Dakota says:

      Ooooh – excellent!! That falls in line with my earlier tweet (where I said that I just haven’t found my own Severus yet). I’ve had relationships in the past… each one failing spectacularly – primarily because I did not remember to “look for the best”. Being willing to compromise on what you are looking for can surely only spell disaster, right? :)

      You know many of my runs have me chanting one of my favorite mantras: a dog ass slow run is STILL better than sitting on the couch! You are absolutely right – speed does not matter one lick, it’s getting out there… getting the ticker & the feet moving that matters! ;)

      Thx for the visit & comments!


  4. Robin says:

    It was so cool today. I was at the dealership and I pulled up google reader on my phone and READ your blog. I couldn’t reply then but here I am now!
    Good luck with the dating thing. Being single in the 21st century SUCKS! and we don’t qualify for gardisal cuz we are too old


    • H3Dakota says:

      Modern technology – ain’t it great?! Except when it comes to mixing it with dating – YUCK! The last 2 guys I dated were found online (plus I met a couple others that were of the hell no category)… talk about major FAIL! Nope, not going down that road anymore (when I do decide to start dating again, that is)!


  5. peony67 says:

    you know, when I am “running” I am so slow, I’ve had fast walkers pass by me ;-))) and that is even slowing down when I am taking Chris with me…


  6. peony67 says:

    that is true, but I wasn’t much faster after reagukar running. I could do longer distances, but not faster… go figure.


  7. I don’t think that you should date just for the sake of dating, but if someone caught your eye and piqued your interest then and only then you should,
    keep on running


  8. sagaciouspines says:

    Because you’re asking your loyal readers to tell you why you should instead of why you should not. Because flip-flop man (see your the above post) gave you a compliment and you felt great. Because you admit that the toilet seat should be left up… okay, maybe that last one isn’t a good reason.

    Have Leonardo sniff out a good one for ya.


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL – as always, J – you have me LOLing. :D I’m not entirely sure that Leonardo is the best judge of character – but then again, he barks like mad at the ex, so maybe he’s better than I think. ;)


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