Brrrr! Icy cold run today!


So I got up early enough for a run…  but it was SO cold, I decided to hang out for a bit in hopes of it warming up some.  Much to my dismay, the temps were actually *dropping*!  I’d have been better off running at 4:30 than waiting until 5:45 to head out the door.  Ah well.  I threw on sweatpants, thick socks, sports bra, long sleeved running shirt, gloves & a hat and out the door I went.  It was slow going and about half a mile into it, my chest was burning like it does with bronchitis, but I stuck to it.  Went 2 miles – by the time I hit around 1.5 miles, I felt much better, but was out of time to tack on another mile.  Got back home, did my 100 inclined push-ups & off to the shower.

Of course, for all my whinging on about how damn cold it was this morning, this blog post really drives home just how insanely cold it really can be for some runners.   One of my fellow runners over on Ravelry posted the link to it and I just *had* to share!  I am definitely adding this blog to my “List of Blogs I read”…  if anything, just because I love their “Running Pet Peeves” list!  LOL


So yeah…  this week is exam week for the oldest.  Haven’t gotten ANY knitting done, as I’ve been helping him prep for his exams every night.  Tonight I’m hoping to make some good progress on the shawl while we catch up on laundry at the laundromat.  We shall see, anyway!

This & that

The tattoos have hit the “scab” stage, so are looking a bit funky in the colors.  Once they clear up, they will be back to looking great.  I accidentally scratched one this morning & lemme tell ya – that is NOT fun!  It feels just like scratching a sunburn, actually.  :)

Gearing up for a long weekend, too.  I’m really looking forward to it, actually.  Especially since I was sick for most of my vacation!  An extra day off is always nice, especially when I’m not sick for it!  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

Here we go, some selections from today’s search:

Coffee cozy!

Coffee cozy!

Neck warmer/cowl - its really cute with buttons on it.

Neck warmer/cowl - it's really cute with buttons on it.


Baby, It's Cold Outside hat... I love that song, too! :)

This would have been nice on this mornings run, too!

This would have been nice on this morning's run, too!


Ok, so an ice scraper photographed in nice, green grass gave me a bit of a chuckle... :)

OMG!  Its a penguin!  An utterly *adorable* penguin!!  LOVE it!

OMG! It's a penguin! An utterly *adorable* penguin!! LOVE it!

Happy Wednesday, all!

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2 Responses to Brrrr! Icy cold run today!

  1. sagaciouspines says:

    Yeah, it’s certainly cold out there, but after reading the blog post that you linked too… well, that’s *#@! freezing!


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL – I know, right?! I feel silly whinging about how cold it is when I read that, but *still*… it’s blinking COLD out there, dag nabbit!


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