The end of vacation


Just a wee bit sore from yesterday’s 5k run, I headed out the door this morning for an even 3 miler.  I made a plan and I’m gonna stick to it, by Bob!  :D  Today I ran solo so I could get a good feel for what kind of pace I’m starting back off with again…  and it weren’t purty, for sure.  *sigh*  I’m dealing with a 12mm pace once again, as I’d feared.  But, that’s ok – this too shall pass, as I well know.  I just have to stick to my guns, work the plan & before I know it, I’ll be sitting happy at 10mm again.  I’d love to see 8mm, of course, which is where I was at when the tendinitis struck, but I am NOT PUSHING for that!!  And I’m damn sure staying the hell away from that freaking dreadmill!  LOL

When I got back home, I took Leonardo out for a walk so I could round out my workout to a full hour.  Naturally, he was happily trotting along, looking back at me, tongue a-flying, smiling as if to say “c’mon, slow poke, RUN, damn you!”…  so it was kind of a walk/jog for us both.  I only took him out for a mile & spent time chatting with the fellow Dane owner from around the corner.  :)

Also started up my 100 pushup challenge again.   Of course, I still have the stitches, so I’m doing inclined pushups on the heels of my palms – not quite the same as regular pushups, but that’s perfectly ok.  They still give a good solid working of the entire upper body!  ;)  Got my 100 done yesterday as well as today, YAY!

Spark People

And in the interest of making sure I keep my diet balanced for starting up my running, and because I seriously missed my fellow Road Runners over there, I got myself logged back into Spark People for the first time in a looonnnggg time.  I’m back to it, tracking my food & exercise to make sure I stay on top of it.  :)

::waving over at all my fellow RRs::

It’s a dual purpose shout out, to my fellow RRs on Spark as well as my fellow RRs on Ravelry!  ;)   Ya’ll know who you are, ya shoe burning and/or cat licking folks.


I’m getting ready to finish the oldest manlet’s soap sweater today.  Then next up, I’m seriously considering a shawl, though I really miss working on socks.  So it’s going to be one or the other – might break my rule of only one project at a time & do both!  LOL  I’ve already got a hankering to figure out a new design – this time, I really want to come up with something fun for Draco.  We’ll see.  :D


*sob*  So it’s the last day of my vacation.  Since I was sick for most of it, it really stinks that it is almost over.  I didn’t really get to do anything much in the way of FUN.  Though with all the time spent in bed recuperating, I must say that I am at least a bit on the relaxed side, at least!  LOL

I loved spending time with my IRL BFF, that’s been fantastic.  ;)  We went & saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday together.  That was excellent…   a good movie to make ya think a bit (or at least it worked that way for me, anyway!).  The whole “youth is wasted on the young” bit & all.  I do appreciate that my 20’s would have been much better had I known then what I know now…  but then again, I’d not have my 2 wonderful young manlets if that had been the case, so I am actually very happy that my life has worked the way that it has.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

Gotta have some fun in this long post, since it’s the last day of vacation, right?  ;)

Mr. Funny!

Mr. Funny!

Those #@!*% Golf Club Covers! (and its a free pattern, w00t!)

Those #@!*% Golf Club Covers! (and it's a free pattern, w00t!)

Arrrgghhh!  Earworm, earworm!  (Fishheads)

Arrrgghhh! Earworm, earworm!

It’s my understanding that the best way to get rid of earworms is to pass ’em along, so HERE ya go!   ::laughing evilly::

Holy FSM - its the FSM!!!  LOVE!

Holy FSM - it's the FSM!!! LOVE!

Im not sure why this would have turned up in todays search, but I like it anyway!  ;)

I'm not sure why this would have turned up in today's search, but I like it anyway! ;)

My young manlets actually laughed over this one, but also begged me not to ever make it for them.  he he he

My young manlets actually laughed over this one, but also begged me not to ever make it for them. he he he

Happy Sunday, all!

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5 Responses to The end of vacation

  1. Stupid non-running question: Should one also do pull-ups when doing push-ups?


    • H3Dakota says:

      Ordinarily, I would be doing them – or rather, hangs until I can actually manage some pull-ups, yes. I can’t manage them now because of the dratted cut in my hand. I also love to hang & do leg lifts to work the core/abs while I’m at it. Push-ups alone are simply excellent for a total upper body workout, the pull-ups aren’t necessary. They just add to the workout on the back, which is probably worked the least during the push-ups, to my thinking. :)


  2. Thanks for the info.

    I was thinking about getting a pull-up bar that you can hang over a door frame (not the ones that you drill into the frame itself). However, purchasing one in January would be New Year resolution-ish of me and would have a high possibility of being a hanger to air out my running clothes. If I really, really want one in March, I figure that I’ll get one and might regularly use it, although I can’t do a single pull-up if my life depended on it.


    • H3Dakota says:

      I actually got one of those for my oldest – he LOVES it! It’s one of those “as seen on TV” things that you can use for pushups on the floor, too. The key is making sure you have a doorframe with the molding around it, you need that. I only have one doorframe in the house with one, luckily. :)


  3. I’ve got molding on most of my doors. I just need to make sure that the dimensions of the door and the thickness of the molding that I want to use it on fits the bar’s requirements. The pull up bar that I’m looking is from Amazon. Maybe in a month or two I’ll get one…


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