One down, one to go!

Holiday celebration #1

So my young manlets came home last night after spending their week with their father.  I had chores for them to do first before we would open gifts and amazingly enough, they got them all done in record time.  (LOL)  Everyone seemed very pleased with all their gifts, and only the youngest seemed a wee bit disappointed.  I hadn’t spent any money on video games this year, because I told my sister that’s what to get them.  Video games are the main thing he looks for, of course.  Though I think having found him the last 2 movies with Jay & Silent Bob in them (Mallrats and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) seemed to help make up for it.

All were very pleased with their slippers & no one got that I had MADE them at first.  My oldest asked why I hadn’t gotten him blue…  I told him I didn’t have enough blue yarn.  He didn’t get what I was saying, so asked “didn’t they have yellow?”  I finally said “I’m sorry honey, I made them with yarn I already had.”  Everyone heard that & my father says “You made these?!” and his jaw literally dropped.  I said that I had & explained how it worked, knitting them up really huge, then felting them in the washer.  It was definitely a very rewarding moment for a knitter.  LOL

Oh, and Rocky handled his saddlebags amazingly well!  We put it on & left it on him the rest of the evening to get him acclimated to wearing it & he did great!  I hope to snap some pics of him soon, he looks very cute.  :D

Holiday celebration #2 & the tattoos

So today I was supposed to go with my IRL BFF and her daughter to get tattoos.  They would be my first as well as my IRL BFF’s – her daughter has a couple gorgeous ones already.  I have the designs already picked out & know exactly where I want them.  But with being so sick, I can’t stop coughing – which means I cannot sit still long enough to get them done.  *sob*

This afternoon we had to the other side of the Bay to visit my sister, where we will exchange gifts again.  I am hoping it goes well, that everyone is ok with the fact that I haven’t bought them anything, but made all of their gifts this year.  They have had plenty of warning, as I’ve been telling them this all year.  At least they won’t say anything in person about it if they are disappointed.  But my sister is actually really cool about handmade gifts – she seems to really appreciate the work that goes into them.  :)  I woke up feeling so badly, though, I am half thinking I should send everyone over without me, I’d hate to give everyone my cold for the holiday, too!


Sorry, J – there is just NO way I can run – I cough just getting up to walk to the kitchen, so not much to say here.  LOL


So the last gift I’m working on (except for the baked goodies, of course) is pillowcase edgings for my sister & her DH.  They just remodeled their bedroom & painted it in 2 shades of purple.  So I bought some plain white pillowcases and crocheted a light purple edging for them.  I have to sew the edgings on today.  I haven’t got anything else OTN except for Dad’s afghan, of course.  Naturally, I just didn’t have time to get that done.  I’ll keep it going & plan it for Father’s Day, I think.

Today’s Ravelry Search

Not that you have time to finish some of these in time, but New Year’s is coming soon!  :)

Free sock pattern!

This sock pattern is free on Ravelry

What a lovely crochet square for an afghan!

What a lovely crochet square for an afghan!

CUTE dishcloth!

CUTE dishcloth!

Cute bag from Interweave Crochet

Cute bag from Interweave Crochet

Not a huge amount in today’s search, but some cute things anyway.  :)

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7 Responses to One down, one to go!

  1. sagaciouspines says:

    Get well soon, and stop trying to juggle things. I hear that catching cans can cut your hands.


  2. peony67 says:

    Get well soon!!! Coughing is no fun (as I wery well know) and tatooes ARE (as I know pretty well also ;-))))
    I missed you my friend!


    • H3Dakota says:

      OMG, have I ever missed you!! {{{hugs}}} I finally had the first night last night where I was able to sleep without using cold medicine. Whew, finally, progress!


  3. peony67 says:

    I am glad to be back, I can tell you.
    I missed you too like…salt from food? Do you have a version of the tale, when the smallest daughter is chased away, because she says she loves the king like salt in the food?


  4. peony67 says:

    Oh, the king has three daughters, and he asks them how much they love him. One says like sugar, the other like honey… the third can only says “like salt in the food”. Th eking gets angry and chases her away. She goes to the next kingdom to be a servant there, the prince there fells in love wit her, and on the wedding she aks to invite his father. She is hinding in the kitchen, cooks all his food separetly withouth any salt. The king does not understands why his food has no taste… The princ says “because I’ve heard you do not like salt”… th egirls comes out, etc, etc. Happy ending.


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