Seriously, WTF?!

Sick again & the garbage man

I’m f’g sick again.  Absolutely un-freaking-believable.  I am SO not happy about this.  I had one week of feeling great.  The cough started up again yesterday & this morning I woke up to that hideous ball of fire in my chest again.   Hit the store for some holiday cupcakes for the garbage guy & Nyquil for me.

Every year, I leave out a tin of homemade goodies with a tip for my garbage guy.  I’m telling you, this guy is utterly FANTASTIC.  Being the stereotypical absent minded geek that I am, I tend to forget to take the garbage to the street.  My garbage man actually runs up to the side of the house and picks up my garbage for me!  As if that wasn’t enough of a wonder…   Due to a mix up in billing, the company had closed my account back in May (I had paid my bill a couple days late, actually, I overpaid it – while they credited my account, they forgot to reactivate it).  He continued to pick up my garbage for another 5 months.  It was only when he stopped picking it up that I discovered there was a problem!

Anyway, this year I was just too sick to make him the tin of goodies, so it was store bought cupcakes instead.  I’m sure the tip is probably more appreciated than the homemade goodies, but I still feel bad.

Running & workouts

Ha.  Right.  Yeah, I’m not running nor working out.  *sob*  This is so damn frustrating!  But all for the best, we had a solid cold front come through & it’s colder than hell out there.  Well.  Ok, so it’s not cold to some of you, but it’s freezing to those of us that have lived in Florida for more than a year or so!  You’d never know I’m originally from Wisconsin, would ya?  Yeesh.


So I finished the Boyfriend Hat pretty quickly!  It’s an awesome little pattern & now I see why so many have made it!  :)  I quickly cast on for another, deciding to make them for all the guys.   I’ll probably give this one to the youngest manlet or to my BIL.

I’ve got a brown/green one started for Dad.  I also have another soap sweater OTN to go into stockings.

Today’s Ravelry Search

Some selections from Today’s Ravelry Search:

Adorable socks, I love how this knitter worked the colors on the project. :)

ROFL - there is a cozy for EVERYTHING on Raverly!

ROFL - there is a cozy for EVERYTHING on Raverly!

Some crochet ornaments!

Some crochet ornaments...

I like the idea of making a heart on this dishcloth, cute!

I like the idea of making a heart on this dishcloth, cute.


Adorable hat, don't ya think? :)

That’s it for now, I’m heading back to bed with my Nyquil & my knitting.  TTFN

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  1. peony says:

    I like the hat! and sorry you are sick again


    • H3Dakota says:

      I was going today to get my tattoos, too. I’m coughing too much & too hard to be able to sit still for that, though. :(


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