Just egg-xactly what were they thinking?

So someone posted a link to a news article over on Ravelry.  When I checked it out, naturally, it just HAD to be in my neck of the woods.  Well, close enough anyway – Tampa Bay is a pretty large area to cover.  :)

The story in itself is giggle-worthy, for certain.  What made it all the more entertaining to me were the comments left by readers.  I just cracked up (*groan*) over the Waffle House one, of course.

Some of the comments left were definitely questionable, along with one or two that had me shaking my head over some of the attitudes.  A surprising number of comments have been deleted ~ one can’t help but wonder just how awful THOSE must have been!

Anyway, here ya go ~ enjoy!

This morning I’m hitting the weights & the road.  Well, I should say I’m doing strength training today – probably not going to rely so much on weights today, but focusing on things like crunches, pushups, squats, etc.  Since I’m working my way back into regular workouts, should probably go a little easier.  Especially since I’m a bit twingy after yesterday’s Tae Bo session!  For the road portion, I’m planning to knock out just a couple miles to get 20 minutes of the heart moving.  :)

Tonight is knitting night with the group at Panera.  I’m finally feeling well enough that I can go without worrying about making everyone else sick.  LOL  I haven’t decided what to take yet, but I’m leaning towards working another crocheted doily.  I still have pillowcase edgings to work on, so I might bring that instead.  We’ll see!  :D

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4 Responses to Just egg-xactly what were they thinking?

  1. mee says:

    panera in north tampa?


  2. sagaciouspines says:

    Those comments from the TBO article are hilarious. Nice pun on the word “yolk.”


    • H3Dakota says:

      I know, they set me off to giggling like mad, especially the Waffle House one. My kids & I were seriously ROFL when we read them. :D


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