Perfect weather for a run!

I’m back, showered & dressed already from an early morning run today.  I woke up early & checked in on my various sites.  Sat down to knit & read, but suddenly had a hankering for a run.  Since I’ve been a bad runner as well as a bad blogger, I decided to go without the watch and just focus on how I felt rather than shooting for speed or anything.  I vaguely recall seeing 6:15 on the clock, but I’m not sure if that was when I left or what…  needless to say, I was very pleased upon my return to see the clock read 7:03 when I walked in the door.

I got in 4 miles with a few blocks of walking scattered through the run.  It felt FANTASTIC and the weather was just perfect – I wore my running tights, a tank with a long sleeved cropped running top…  which turned out to be perfect.  As I ran the last few blocks, the sun was just high enough to glare into my eyes, but luckily it was only for a few blocks until I turned north to finish up the run.  Temps were not freezing, but not sweltering hot either – it was ‘just right’!  ;)

So I really *should* clean today, having badly neglected housecleaning for some time.  But I’m not going to, dammit!  LOL  I’m going to knit on a new shopping bag and read some more fan fiction on my iPaq instead.  he he he  Oh, and Plurk, hang out at Ravelry and play Ikariam while I’m at it.  Yeah, I’m the epitome of the multitasking geek, aren’t I?

Speaking of which…  I suppose there is hope for me in some areas, not so much hope in other areas…  someone in the Rubberneckers group on Ravelry posted this quiz, which was fun.   My results?  I’m a Modern Cool Nerd – 83 % Nerd, 83% Geek, 35% Dork.  Um, wow.  See what I get for answering all those questions honestly & admitting to such things as reading fan fiction and having recent comic book collections?  ROFL!!  But, hey – at least I’m NOT a Dork!!  *snicker*

Before I leave ya – here’s my funny shot for today:

This was actually from about a month ago or so.  I woke up one Saturday morning, came out into the living room to THIS sight!  Giggled hysterically over my youngest man-let sleeping with his feet up on the back of the couch so his dog can sleep with him.  :D

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  1. peony67 says:

    Oh, yay, for such a good day!!!! I wish I could have such an unquenchable nakering after a run… but unfortunately my ankle is still not fully recovered, which is a perfect excuse…


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