Brief updates & a request

So Dad got to come home yesterday, finally.  It was a bit of a battle, but we managed to get him sprung.  At the last minute, his temp went to something like 99.6º, so they said he couldn’t leave.  *sigh*  He drank a Diet Coke and took off his robe ~ made them take his temp again & it was only 97.6º.  LOL

My boss is wonderful ~ yesterday, he got me setup with a wireless card so that I can stay with Dad the next couple of days and still work.  He is fantastic!!

So a couple of my knitting friends have formed a team for the Stride for Strays 2008 event.  It’s a fundraising event to help save lifes of animals in Hillsborough County.  The funds will go towards providing low cost spaying/neutering animals – ACT has already done so for over 10,000 animals in Hillsborough!  Please, please help out  ~ visit my fundraising page & give a little, if you can!

So, on the running front – naturally, still barely any time to breath, let alone run!  I did set the alarm this morning in hopes of being awake enough to run…  but there simply was no way I could get up when it went off today.  I was just too tired.  Perhaps tomorrow!

Knitting – finished my one niece’s birthday presents and have begun the other.  I’ve got one scarf done, one headband done & the second headband well underway.  Next up will be her scarf.  :)  I’ve also got a couple shopping bags OTN, as everyone will also be getting those as holiday gifts.  Wow.  I just realized – this is the first time ever that I have NOT had a pair of socks OTN!  Unheard of for me.  LOL

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3 Responses to Brief updates & a request

  1. Marion says:

    Congratulations on getting your dad home.

    I wish I had my gift knitting done. I’m thinking I won’t do as much this year as last.

    Can’t have you with No Socks OTN. Get with it girl! Socks for everyone!


  2. H3Dakota says:

    LOL – yes, I’ll no doubt be casting on soon. I really don’t like to have more than one project going at once – this is the first time this year I’ve had more than one WIP. :)


  3. peony67 says:

    I am so glad to hear that your dad is finally at home!!! So good for you to be so much ahead on th eholiday knitting. I am unintentionally got into it, but still, I admire you! Good girl. Now go and knit some socks, will you?


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