A very short one…

Too much work, huge project we’re trying to wrap up…  will be working all weekend long.  Gosh darnit!  Hope to squeeze in time for a run or two as well as a bit of knitting.  I’m still diligently working on the new sock pattern, one row at a time.

But the other WIP I’ve got is actually a shopping/market/grocery bag.  I got it in my head last week that I really wanted to make MYSELF one – I’ve made them for friends & family, but it’s time I made one for me too!  :)  So that’s what I’ve been working on more often than the sock.  It’s getting close to being done, so I’ll return to the sock very soon.  :)

But interestingly enough, I was just scouting other market bag patterns, well… just because.  I found another pattern that looks pretty good that I might try for upcoming gifts…  then I came across this post by Firefly – you simply must go give it a read!  She says what I wanted to say so well, there just isn’t any point in my repeating it.  She’s got a stellar project going on!

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