New yarn arrived, YAY!

OMG – my order arrived yesterday from Bare Sheep Yarn. Seriously, the pictures just cannot do this yarn justice – it is just gorgeous!! I am so excited, can’t wait to knit with it. The bamboo/merino blend is wonderful! It just might cause me to go against my self imposed rule of only having one WIP at a time. The prices are very reasonable, too – you must go check out her store! Right now – what are you waiting for?! ;)

I decided to give Plurk a go, since I’ve heard so much about it recently. So far, I’m not seeing the attraction, but then again, it’s a little hard when you haven’t got too many friends… so I’m giving it a few more days to see where it goes. Seems like another time drain, I’m thinking! LOL

Making some progress on Whomping Willow. It’s been difficult, as work has gotten in the way a bit. I did get my favorite circs fixed, though they are catching a bit where the tubing is attached. Going back to them has been a joy – I liked the DPNs ok, but I’m really so much faster on the circs & going magic loop! :D

Running – meh, headed out yesterday to discover lightening. Again. *sigh* At least I did manage to still squeeze in 2 miles. Set the alarm early this morning, but I was SO tired when it went off – I went back to bed instead. Even after a couple cups of coffee and a shower I’m still tired. I slept well last night, so no clue why so tired – but experience has taught me that when I wake up THIS tired, it’s best for me to not go running. Otherwise, I’d be of NO use the rest of the day.

So the plan is to get in a nice 5 miler at least this weekend. Maybe even 6 if I can swing it. We’ll see. :)

Oh and we learned one more little thing about Danes today. Tennis balls are not good Dane toys. Leonardo chomped it & ate half of it… which he then (thankfully) threw up in the back yard. This would be added to that list that already has shoes and dumbbells. Oh yes – years ago, I’d bought these little dumbbells (3 lbs) for the kids because they wanted to workout with Mom when she was lifting. We’ve had them lying around for years, really nothing more than paperweights. Leonardo apparently thought they made good toys & had taken them out back to play with. And yes, one didn’t get picked up… and the end was sheared off by the lawn mower. Luckily no one was hit by flying pieces, but the mower blade is hosed! LOL

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8 Responses to New yarn arrived, YAY!

  1. Samsara says:

    I have a giant German Shepherd and we discovered that tennis balls aren’t good dog toys too. There’s a solid rubber ball which survives pretty well, and Kongs are just the best chewing toys as long as you go for the super tough ones! I like to smear a little peanut butter on the inside (keeps Joe busy for hours!) I occasionly buy him soft toys but I supervise him because he destroys them in minutes. It’s quite systematic! First eyes and nose are chewed off and spat out, then ears, then limbs, and then finally they have their innards plucked out. I then go round and pick up everything and leave him with the ‘skin’ to carry round.


  2. H3Dakota says:

    ROFL – yeah, Leonardo chomped up the rubber ball from the middle too. Kongs for the “large” breeds still aren’t big enough for him, though he does love them. His favorite toy, hands down, is the Bad Cuz. The large (again) isn’t big enough, but he loves it anyway. He’s the same way with the soft toys – we try not to let him play with them anymore because he then associated anything soft & smooshy as a chew toy. And now we have NO pillows – throw pillows, sleeping pillows… LOL!!


  3. Samsara says:

    Hee hee! Yeah, large Kongs aren’t big enough for Joe either, but here we can get a ‘super’ kong which holds him at bay. When he was teething and at his chewy worst, I teethed him on whole carrots which he loves! Joe knows the difference between ‘his’ toys that are given to him, and ellicite toys he steals. He actually doesn’t steal any more. He gets to play hide and seek and tugsies with ‘his’ toys! He has his own toy basket (well, he shares it with the cats actually) and he’ll get toys from there if he wants to play. He also gets around 5 walks a day! It’s all worth it though. Leonardo sounds like great fun :-)


  4. H3Dakota says:

    Super Kong? Sounds cool! :D How much does Joe weigh? He sounds like he’s the apple of Mom’s eye there… ;) Leonardo is a blast, he truly is. I love him to death. He’s over 200 lbs now, but thinks he’s a lap dog. he he he


  5. kv says:

    mmm, yes, on the yarn– bamboo sure adds some nice texture to the wool. and as long as my dog doesn’t chew my shoes or handbag straps, she can pretty much have anything she want! fortunately, she seems to choose paper a lot…no harm done!


  6. H3Dakota says:

    The colors on the Bare Sheep yarn are fab, too. But yeah, I sure do love me some bamboo mixed in! :D


  7. peony67 says:

    That yarn is gorgeous… but they don’t have anything orange!!! (lol)
    Hmm wonder why don’t I have a dog…Though a ten floor apartment might not be the best place for them…


  8. H3Dakota says:

    He he he, my friend.. admittedly, sometimes your favorite color can be a bit difficult to find! :)

    The only downside of having a dog in a tenth floor apartment building is the taking them out for their walks… though having a dog would be good for you! ;)


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