Think, Knit, Run

Not necessarily in that order and, as I’ve moaned before, not all at the same time.  This morning, I came as close to doing all 3 at once as I can…  I ran, I thought, I planned a new project.  *grin*

I didn’t have time for a full 5 this morning, as I had an issue with my alarm clock.  It has 2 alarms on it that I can set – I thought I’d set the first, but it turns out, it was the second.  So I woke up an hour later than I need to in order to get in a full hour’s run.  So this morning it was only 4, but at least it was a wee bit faster than the last run of 5.  As I ran this morning, I came upon a poor bird that had an unfortunate meeting with someone’s windshield or grill.  I also had the row of pink oleander bushes that I ran past…  and combined with one of the blogs I read this morning, was thinking about death, pink & cancer.

Which had me thinking of my mother & the battle she had with breast cancer…  it wasn’t what took her in the end, no – she was a survivor until she took on a totally different battle and lost.

There is a site that I am keeping an eye on now, Knit Pink.  As I ran, I had various ideas flowing through my head for a pattern for the Knit Pink folks.  Something I want to design & donate in memory of Mom.  I have some ideas brewing already, but haven’t quite decided which direction to go in – socks?  shawl?  scarf?

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