Viktor progress and First YouTube video

YAY, I finally got batteries for the digi, so have a shot of the new pattern.


So there is a thread on Ravelry, talking about how we knit style-wise. Folks posted videos of their own particular style. I finally got my digi working & got my DS to give me a hand in grabbing a shot of my style. So, here it is! For some reason, I find it hysterically funny that my very first video on YouTube would be me knitting. ROFL!

I’m a continental knitter that sort of throws, too. he he he Oh yeah, and you get a bonus shot of Leonardo, who just HAS to get himself into every video/picture whenever he spies the camera.

Just a short one today, as I’m trying to make some serious progress on the new pattern. I’m hoping to get to the gusset work today, but we shall see!

p.s. ANETT, where ARE you?!

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  1. peony67 says:

    Gosh girl, i am here… we do knit in a similar style…hehehe…
    The sock looks so lovely, and color is HOT…LOL


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