Torn Heart

Torn Heart
I know I haven’t blogged lately.  I just haven’t been able to think of the words.  A week ago, I had a visit from the Sheriff’s Department.  The kind of visit that no one wants.  3 people mean the most to me in the whole wide world – my 2 manlets and my father.  Now I am down to just my manlets.

I firmly believe it was another severe insulin reaction that took him, which would mean that he wasn’t really aware nor consciously aware of pain when he went.  It was sudden and not really expected.

Dad was the most down to earth guy you’d ever meet.  He would do anything for anybody.  He wasn’t a wealthy man, but he was the richest man I knew.  He gave 110% to the community, participating in every event that his Kiwanis Club had.  If anyone needed anything, he was right there, pitching in to help – along with his sidekick, Rocky (HIS Great Dane).  For any of you that knew him & would like to honor him, either Seminole Kiwanis Club or the American Diabetes Association would be ideal.  I’ve set up his tribute page on the ADA website, if you are so inclined.

I can’t really write everything that I would want to here, as it would probably the world’s longest blog post.  :)  So I’ll just end this bit with a “ciao for now, Dad – I will see you later – I love you”.

Even though I am still in therapy for my tendinitis, last Friday I couldn’t stop myself from putting my feet to the street.  Going for a run has been one of my number one go to methods of dealing with grief and I wasn’t about to let something like tendinitis stop me from it.  I’ve been good, taking it very slow & easy.  I ran 3 on Friday, 2 on Sunday and 3 on Wednesday.  I did my best to be sure to include plenty of walk breaks as I went.  Surprisingly, the runs seem to have actually sped along the recovery a little bit…?!  My achilles seems to be feeling the best it has in a very long time since that run on Friday.  Of course, I’ve been in therapy for a month, so it could very well be that the timing just worked out well…  :)

My knitting/crochet mojo has been put on hold, I’m afraid.  I just haven’t been up for either hobby – I haven’t even been watching movies nor reading books, for that matter.  However…  I had this bad already crocheted – I just had to do the finishing work on it.  I took that challenge this week & I’m really, really pleased with the end result!  It is the Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag – an adorable crochet pattern that I already know I’ll be working again.  I used Paton’s Classic Merino, which is sadly already pilling where the bag rubs against me when I carry it over my shoulder.  :(  Next time, I’ll use a pretty but hardy cotton, I think.  I still love it, though!

Today’s Ravelry Search
Just a little one today.  :)  These aren’t mine – just click the photo to go to the Ravelry page!

From the brand new book 'Vampire Knits' - which I'll have another blog post about soon - SO cute!

Very pretty little doily!

* ZOMG, I love this so much that I'd almost be tempted to have another baby just so I could make one. NOT. LOL

* Scott Pilgrim!!! w00t!

* Market bag! I love it.

Ooh, very pretty!

* So the manlet has been playing Pokemon again for some reason, but I just HAD to include this one!

* Free Pattern

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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16 Responses to Torn Heart

  1. wildwoodflwr says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. This made me more than a bit weepy. I can’t imagine the grief you feel. (hugs from West Virginia)


  2. MiniPurlz says:

    Much love to you and the manlets. From your descriptions, your dad was a wonderful man. You will see him in the Manlets. xoxo


  3. Janice in GA says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. :( My dad died relatively quickly (5 days after he went into the hospital) a couple of years ago. The difference was that we (his kids) were with him, and got to stay there with him pretty much 24/7 till he passed. It was both rewarding and painful. I think about him all the time, as I’m sure you’re thinking about your dad too.



    • H3Dakota says:

      {{{hugs}}} It’s never easy, however it happens. Though I really wish I’d gotten a chance to hug him & tell him I loved him one more time. :)


  4. Elizabeth says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Have a fake-welsh cwtch from me, for you and the manlets.


  5. ibfrizzy says:

    Your post touched me. Thank you.


  6. Joe says:

    Usually I browse over to this blog to read the first section of your post which always running related. I’m kind of surprised to read about your father passing away. Sorry that that happened. :-(


    • H3Dakota says:

      Thanks Joe ~ it was a surprise. We all knew it was a possibility with his diabetes & heart history, but otherwise, he was so full of life, we just didn’t expect it this soon.


  7. peony67 says:

    My friend, my heart os breaking for you. We’ve already talk about this at a great length, there isn’t much I can add. I wish I could be closer to you.


  8. Amy says:

    I’m sorry for your loss.


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