Whew, the month from hell!

So yeah, I’ve been a very bad blogger, I know.  Between working an insane amount of hours for work on the latest project, my father’s heart attack & follow up surgery, something just had to give.  Unfortunately, the somethings that got set aside were running & blogging.

BUT ~ I’ve started back up with workouts again (YAY!!), starting off very easy.  Got 2 miles in a few days ago & now that the soreness is gone, will be running in the morning again.  I also started up weight training again, hitting the weights Friday morning.  Then followed up by painting all weekend long, so perhaps that wasn’t the best planning on my part…  LOL

Painted Dad’s house, then both the boys’ rooms today.  I decided to let them have at & do what they wanted with their own rooms…  with the agreement that when the time comes, they WILL be responsible for hitting their room with the Kilz when I’m ready to repaint.  LOL!  They are nearly all done, and I must say – their rooms look AWESOME!  :D  I’ll snap some shots & post them, I’m actually very pleased with how they turned out.

Finished up the scarf for my BIL – the Sweeney Todd scarf.  I just LOVED making this one, it is a wonderful pattern & perfect for some knitting & movie watching or book reading.  ;)  Next OTN is another shopping bag, and another scarf for a family member gift…  but I’m getting the urge to knit some more socks, darnit!  :D  Here’s the scarf, anyway…

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5 Responses to Whew, the month from hell!

  1. peony67 says:

    The scarf is so pretty the diagonal line emphasize the stripes so well!!!
    As for the other staff… these months are so busy….


  2. Mrs. h says:

    I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you. Love the scarf! :)


  3. mademoisellelayla says:

    wow *amazed* I wish I know how to knit too


  4. mademoisellelayla says:

    lol sorry this has nothing to do with your post but these icons are too funny XD


    • H3Dakota says:

      LOL – yes, I love them so much! No one has commented about them before, but I still smile every time I see one. :D

      As for knitting… you know, it is pretty easy to learn… An EXCELLENT site to start off with is Knitting Help. ;) It just takes a bit of practice & a bit of patience with yourself.


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