After a few days to digest

I truly had not planned to post any of my reaction to the events of the past week in the political arena.  I truly hadn’t.  But then I came upon this link that someone had posted elsewhere.  I found it to be one of the most illuminating reads for me to date, actually.  I cannot thank the author enough for providing the information, links & yes, even his opinion.  :)

Emperor’s Rants & Observations

Also interesting – go back & read previous posts as well.  I think you’ll find them equally illuminating.  For example, in one from July 2007:

From where I sit it looks as Queen P was ill-prepared to take office. As I feared without any experience at the state level. It’s too bad that the people of Alaska have to suffer through her on the job training.  Perhaps the problem is that she hasn’t surrounded herself with competent people. Perhaps she is spending to much time making appearances and videos for late night TV, rather than working on the things that she was sent to do in Juneau… like being a leader, cutting the budget and making government open and transparent.

I have written & rewritten this post several times.  Putting thoughts in, taking them back out.  In the end, I’ve decided to simply put the link here – encourage you all to go read it.  Anything that I might say here is really more of a waste of time, I think – as I know full well that anything I might have to say is not going to change anyone’s mind.  Read the post, follow the links provided in it to the Alaskan newspapers articles.  Some you’ll need to get to the comments to find links via the Wayback Machine, as some of the links have beens scrubbed already.

Soooo….  on the knitting front – I’ve been getting quite a bit done this long holiday weekend, actually.  YAY!  I will say that I *am* working on a sock pattern, which is toe-up…  and I am in the process of turning the heel now.  I’ve got part of it written up, but need to finish knitting it so that I’ll have pictures for it.  It’s for Biscotte’s upcoming sock club – if you follow the Biscotte link to her Etsy shop, you’ll see her fantastic yarns.  :)

Running – still not much, the odd 3 miler here & there.  If it isn’t raining, then I get sucked into work or news stories the past few days.  tomorrow, though, I’ve got a 4 miler planned for the morning.  Hoping it isn’t raining when I wake!!

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5 Responses to After a few days to digest

  1. Emperor says:

    Thank you for the link and the kind words. I’ll be posting more on Palin later today, so stay tuned.


  2. H3Dakota says:

    LOVE the post & thank you so much for making it so informative! Looking forward to more illumination! :)


  3. kv says:

    conventions make good TV knitting, since you don’t really have to watch the action. it’s hard not to be thinking about all this stuff, given that.


  4. H3Dakota says:

    kv – I reckon that’s true enough if they don’t set your blood to boiling. Me, I get to wound up watching them, so don’t for the most part. :D I like putting on movies I’ve already seen for knitting times – that way I don’t mess up the knitting & I don’t miss anything vital in the movie. ;)


  5. kate says:

    Love the queen P post. Yesterday’s news headlines were quite illuminating.


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