About Me

Just the occasional ramblings of a workaholic programmer training off & on for the first marathon, knitting & designing patterns, single parenting and sharing tidbits about life with a Great Dane. I’ve been told that I haven’t got very much information on this page… but seriously – I have 2 teenage boys & all my time is spent working, running, knitting, reading – all while also being a taxi driver, ATM, study partner, coach & all around “mean” Mom. What more needs to be said?! LOL

FYI – my kids teasingly call me “mean” when I don’t let them get away with murder. They also take great joy in teasing me about the fact that I do NOT actually yell at them. I get quieter when I discipline them, they say. Hmmm. Well, I will admit that does happen occasionally, but I can sure think of a time or two when I’ve actually yelled too.

As a total & complete geek, nothing makes me laugh more than this…  :D

Tell us what you really think!

3 Responses to About Me

  1. DENISE in Louisville, KY says:

    Came upon your site via Ravelry.com. Knitting bug has bitten me again; it usually happens every 2 years or so. I was meandering thru the internet and came upon your site. I think it was some baby booties I was looking at that lead me here. I never remember how I gotfrom point a to point b on the net! lol lol Am going to bookmark your site and savor all the beautiful knitting projects you are doing. Thanks for allowing me to be a visitor.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Oh, thank you so much! :) Ravelry is a fantastic site that will probably keep your knitting bug around for a long time. It certainly has for me, anyway! LOL


  2. I love your blog, so many ideas and so much inspiration!


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