Ten & Recovery


So August was my best month running so far this year, yay!  I still only hit 41 miles though.  *sigh*  Still, I have to remember that it is a slow progression I’m after – I must avoid getting injured again!!

Ran 6 for my long run today.  I got my feet on the road a bit later than I wanted to, though, so it was rough going.  Running in September in Florida is just horrible when the sun is in the sky – it really is so much better to run before or after sunrise!!  Hopefully in another month or so, it will start cooling down more.  Then it will be my favorite time to run!  :)

So I just recently was made aware of an absolutely phenomenal effort underway as I type.  Eddie Izzard is running through Great Britain – he has completed 40 marathons since late July!  He is running for charity, collecting donations online for Comic Relief.  When he started out, he had 5 weeks of training under his belt.  Amazing!  You can follow his progress through his blog or twitter.  And if you can, please donate a bit!


Finished up my latest pair of socks today, yay!  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of more yarns that I’m going to be designing patterns for…  I am SO excited about this new endeavor!  :)  It’s putting a delay on my other planned projects, but I’m ok with that.

I also want to knit up a shrug to keep at the office.  I have a shawl there now, but it honestly doesn’t quite work for keeping me a bit warmer. I need something to cover my arms fully – I’m thinking about a couple different patterns to try!

Ten & Recovery

So, without further ado, I give you the latest sock pattern – Ten!  I could not resist designing Doctor Who socks any longer, I’m afraid.  These socks became much like my first design – something that nagged at me until I got them all finished!  :)

I dyed bare sock yarn for this pattern and included my notes on the flavors of Kool-Aid to use in order to get these colors, too.  It’s a cuff down pattern with heel flap.

Next subject…  allow me to preface this bit.  I am not an emotional movie/TV/commercial watcher.  I know people that cry over Publix or telephone commercials.  That is so not me.  I’ve cried over very few movies.  One doesn’t count because I was pregnant at the time – eliminating that one,  I had cried over 3 movies until this weekend.  Truly, Madly, Deeply gets me shedding a few tears when I watch it.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button admittedly got me a bit misty eyed at the end.  Seven Pounds…  well, I honestly sobbed my eyes out over that one.

I finally got my hands on a copy of Recovery.  It’s a TV film about a family trying to cope with the after effects of the father getting hit by a truck.  He ends up in a coma, pulls out of it – but suffers from brain injury.  Some of the best acting I have ever seen, in a nutshell.  The story is incredible and completely realistic – it is not a movie for those wanting a happy Hollywood ending.  This one is reality, not sugar coated happy-happy.  It is a movie that will stick with you for days.  Yes, I cried watching it.  I cried a lot.  So much so that I had to go back and re-watch parts of it that I’d missed because I was crying.  Other parts I just had to re-watch because the acting was  just so incredible.  If you ever get a chance to see this one, DO!

Today’s Ravelry Search

So in my search for shrug patterns, I came across some really terrific patterns – check ‘em out!  Remember, click the picture to go right to the pattern page.

SO cute!  Not what Im looking for, but cute!

* SO cute! Not what I'm looking for, but cute!

* Ooh, nice!!

* Ooh, nice!!

* I really like this one, too!

* I really like this one, too!

* I adore this one!  Its been in my favorites for a long time now.  :)

* I adore this one! It's been in my favorites for a long time now. :)

* This pattern is definitely one I am thinking about!  I love it!

* This pattern is definitely one I am thinking about! I love it!

* I like this one, too...!  :)

* I like this one, too...! :)

* Another crochet shrug - nice!

* Another crochet shrug - nice!

* I really like the wide sleeves on this one.

* I really like the wide sleeves on this one.

* Another one that Ive had in my favorites for some time!

* Another one that I've had in my favorites for some time!

* Very cute crochet version!

* Very cute crochet version!

* This pattern has a definite advantage to it, I'd say.  ;)

* This pattern has a definite advantage to it, don't you think?! ;)

* Free Pattern

Happy Sunday, all!

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10 Responses to Ten & Recovery

  1. peony67 says:

    OMG faboulus socks… I was a little weary of the brown-béue combo, but this is just great… I might have to do it myself… hmm, only if it would be a toe up…LOL
    I love those shrugs, I have one, but I am thinking of knitting/crocheting some more, especially because the reason you want them (air coditioned office) and because i also have some yarn, that is just not enough for a whole sweater.

    • H3Dakota says:

      Aw, thx A! :) These actually could be done toe up very easily – I mainly did cuff down because 1) so many people prefer it and 2) I wanted to carry both colors all the way to the tip of the toe. It could be done toe up, though cast on could be a bit challenging.

  2. eddie izzard is amazing isn’t he??
    love the Ten socks and I agree wholeheartedly about Truly Madly Deeply and I’m not even a Rickman groupie!!

    • H3Dakota says:

      I really liked Eddie Izzard before, but he’s truly knocked my socks off with this undertaking!! TMD is a fantastic movie, but I cried much more watching Recovery. Both David Tennant & Sarah Parish blew me away in it – absolutely amazing, both of them.

  3. peony67 says:

    Well, I think either a plain turqoise toe could work, or cas on like eight stitches and increase (belween the tripes) util it is wide enough…IF you manage to get such a blue out of KOOL Aid, then I guess I need some of it too… (beside all the orange, though that one I can get here)…

    • H3Dakota says:

      Yeah, I thought about a plain turquoise toe, too. I prefer it with the stripes, though. I was thinking of casting on with the brown & adding the blue right away & increasing the brown between. :) Oh – I’ve got this blue set aside for your box! ;)

  4. peony67 says:

    Oh, great minds think alike (even if one is so prone to typos…LOL)

  5. sagaciouspines says:

    The title of this post had me a bit surprised. “Ten [miles]?” Then I discovered that it was about a sock pattern.

    Yeah, I can’t wait until the cool weather arrives late next month. Only four more weeks of this hot ‘n humid stuff.

    Keep up the running. :-)

    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL, J!! I’m not quite ready to tackle 10 yet – though I am getting there! I’m up to 6 for long runs, so 10 will be around the corner, yeah? he he he

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