Geeks, songs and the ABC Gum Pole


The past 2 weeks have been my best weeks all year long, yay!  Sometimes I get frustrated when I think back – hitting 12 miles per week is not much of an accomplishment when I look back to where I was 2 years ago.  12 miles was a lighter long run for me, accomplished one day a week.    My biggest challenge for myself these days is not letting myself get discouraged at how long it is taking to get my running legs back.  Down that path lies further injury & getting benched for yet another long stretch!  I cannot allow myself to get frustrated enough that I start pushing it too hard & cause the injury to come back yet again!

Now that I’m getting close to running every day, I’ll be able to start aiming for 3 mile runs each day instead of 2.  That is my next goal!


I knit up another shopping bag last week.  I do love the Ilene bag, I must admit.  This one will go into my gift box to wait until a certain person’s birthday.  ;)  In the meantime, I’m making solid progress on my Milky Way Scarf, yay!  I just weighed the remaining ball of yarn and I am now over halfway done.  It’s taking longer to knit than a pair of socks would, but mostly because I kept working on the bag instead.  I’d really like to finish it up already because I’m itching to start the next sock design in my head!!

Geeks, songs and the ABC Gum Pole

So one of my favorite things to listen to during a run is that radio show that Tennant & Tate did, as I’ve mentioned before.  Listening to it again this morning sparked a couple thoughts I wanted to blog about.  At one point, David Tennant remarked that he was a Doctor Who geek, which always makes me smile because that’s a well documented fact, of course.  But he made a point of stating that he was using geek as a positive term, which is, of course, how I view geek, too.  Being a major geek myself, of course.  Anyway, that led me to ponder how other people think they are geeks.

Me, I am a…

  • Doctor Who geek
  • Harry Potter geek
  • Running geek
  • Knitting geek
  • Reading geek
  • Comic Book geek (though not so much lately)
  • Computer geek

Yeah.  Hence the “major” geek.  I admit it – I’m quite proud to, as a matter of fact!  So much so that this blog post was a huge, huge hit with me –  it pretty much sums it all up quite nicely:

How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of folks coming to The Park Bench after Googling “how do I meet a nerdy girl?”  Hopefully, this is not the manifestation of some creepy new human trafficking trend but instead is the result of more people wanting to find and date the nerdy woman of their dreams. With that in mind, I offer the following tips…

The second thought while listening to the show was about the songs played.  It got my mind wandering down another path.  I’ve got a few sets of different songs that I love to run to, lift weights to or even play during a hard Tae Bo workout.  For fun, I decided to list my top 10 one word song titles.  Here we go…

  1. Henrietta by The Fratellis
  2. Basketcase by Green Day
  3. Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs
  4. Sistamamalover by Lenny Kravitz
  5. Stronger by Kanye West
  6. Slowburner by The Proclaimers
  7. Chip by The Real McKenzies
  8. Run by Snow Patrol
  9. Conquest by The White Stripes
  10. Lollipop by Li’l Wayne

C’mon ~ list some of YOUR favorite one word song titles!  I challenge you!  :P

Lastly…  one of my knitting group friends mentioned the other day that she was waiting on an update on the ABC Gum Pole.  I normally run before the sun comes up, so I haven’t been able to get an update on it’s status until today.  I got a late start on my run today, so I am happy to report that I do have an update for it!  As some of you may or may not know, this past week was the start of the new school year here on Tuesday.   The ABC Gum Pole has now had 11 fresh pieces of gum added to it since then.  The most predominant color being yellow, followed by blue.  Just a piece or two that was pink, actually.  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

So as much as I love the variety of geek patterns on Ravelry, it’s been a bit too recent that I showcased some of them.  So today’s search was on a different related bit.  he he he  Enjoy!  As always, click the picture to go to the pattern page on Ravelry & remember, none of these are mine.

* Some serious bobble work there!

* Some serious bobble work there!

* Perfect for a dishcloth OR as a blanket square!

* Perfect for a dishcloth OR as a blanket square!

* Pretty little baby blanket!

* Pretty little baby blanket!

* What a cute beginners hat!

* What a cute beginner's hat!

Fantastic crocheted rug!

Fantastic crocheted rug!

LOVE this idea!

LOVE this idea!

Such a pretty wrap!

Such a pretty wrap!

* Alphamitts - I love the name!!

* Alphamitts - I love the name!!

* GORGEOUS!  Ive definitely faved this one, its outstanding!

* GORGEOUS! I've definitely faved this one, it's outstanding!

Stunning.  What more needs to be said?

Stunning. What more needs to be said?

* WOW!  Very pretty!

* WOW! Very pretty!

Bananas in pajamas!!!  w00t!

Bananas in pajamas!!! w00t!

Adorable baby sweater!

Adorable baby sweater!

* Free pattern

Happy Saturday, all!

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  1. geeks of the world unite!

  2. Bobbi says:

    One word song titles? How about Superstition by Stevie Wonder, Brickhouse, or Superfreak? Yep – I’m in a funk kinda mood!
    Geekery rocks, baby!

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